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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rock On!

Even though I'm not posting a From Courtney's Closet challenge today, I thought I'd still post a card inspired by my baby girl! But, unfortunately I can't show you *how* this was inspired by my baby girl!! I had this entire cute post planned, where I'd make a little video to share - but of course Little Miss Thing would NOT cooperate when it came time to film. You see, Courtney has a favorite song that she completely *ROCKS OUT* to when it comes on in the car... "So What" by Pink!! You know... "so what, I'm still a ROCK STAR, I got my ROCK MOVES, and I don't need you..." She sits there grinning from ear to ear and head banging!! It's the cutest thing ever. Of course she got it from her big brother - she wants to do everything like her big brother! He loves that song too - we can't go anywhere anymore without him whining "I wanna hear the rock song!!". As a matter of fact, I can tell you that it takes precisely 4.5 times in a row listening to that song to get from our house to Carter's preschool...! So, I took my little video camera to the car. I put in the Pink CD. I pointed the camera at Courtney. And she just sat there, no smile, no movement, nothing. *sigh* So, you'll just have to believe me when I say that's what inspired this card. :-) The card of course uses Wee Tees, and the "U ROCK" is from Little Tees. And now I can't get that Pink song out of my head. :-) And, it only just now occurred to me that it would have made much more sense to make a card inspired by Pink actually be pink. Oops. :-)

Make sure and visit Melanie's blog today, she is featuring another one of my Wee Tees cards. And this particular one cracked me up as I was making it... I hope you like it... :-)

And a reminder - you still have another whole week to play last week's From Courtney's Closet challenge!! So get on it! :-)

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Little Miss Thing...great name for the wee lass! Cracked me up! Took a peek on Melanie's blog too...GREAT cards you are making with this set!

  2. That is one of the cutest stories ever! I so know what you are talking about though, I am the luckiest woman on this earth with 4 grandbabies under 4. Only one girl and she does everything possible to be just like her brother. To the point that when he is done eating she is done too!! You are going to have to hide the camera so she doesn't see it though because I really want to see that video now!!

    Check out PaperTemptress's blog
    and May's specials!


  3. I love your blog, I am still trying to get passed the laughing from your title "sniffing stazon" OMGosh I am just loving that! Totally totally following you..!!!

  4. hee hee great story!! :)
    love the white piping esp, very sporty!!

  5. Oh so so darling, love the red and black, hugs Cindy xxoo

  6. Cute card! I love your card on Melanie's blog!

  7. Adorable card and cute story, Libby!! Congratulations on being Melanie's Guest Designer too!! (Can't remember if I told you yet.)

  8. Dang, this one is really cute, too, Libby! I especially love it for a baby boy card. I just cracked up over your story. Thanks!


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