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Sunday, April 22, 2007

A day in the garden

I don't have a new card to share with you tonight - I spent most of today doing yard work, and I'm actually too pooped to stamp! I really enjoyed it though - I love having a nice garden, and I haven't really done much in the yard over the last couple of years - not since becoming pregnant with my son, and he's 16 months now...! I've missed it! I just spent today pulling weeds, and made a quick trip up to the store before dinner to pick up a few bags of compost. Tomorrow morning I plan to take Carter and Rachel to my favorite nursery, to pick up a couple tomato and pepper plants, and maybe some basil - it will be fun for them, the nursery has a donkey, chickens, cats and a couple little water fountains - plenty of toddler entertainment! During naptime I'll hopefully work the compost into the soil and get the tomatoes in the ground!! Yippee! Today was the perfect day for gardening, too - overcast, and even very lightly sprinkling at times. For those of you who don't live in Texas, you may not fully understand why this is a nice day for gardening. Come down here and pull my weeds in the July heat - then you'll understand! :-) Despite my utter neglect, some of my plants have progressed nicely over the past couple years, most notably my rose! This photo is of one of the MANY blooms I have right now, with many more buds about to open. So pretty, and they smell wonderful too. The only thing I didn't enjoy about gardening today was uncovering four different fire ant mounds! Argh!! I've lived in Texas for almost 12 years now, and I'm still not used to the nasty creepy crawlies we have down here! I've tolerated fire ants & even scorpions (we had several in our house when we first built, but haven't had one in years) - but I've vowed that if I ever find a tarantula in my house, that's it, I'm packing up and moving north!! :-) Luckily, none so far - saw one in the neighborhood once and that was close enough for me!! Ok enough bug talk, I'm getting goosebumps! Back to my happy gardening thoughts... :-) I'm so excited to be back in the yard planting things! And all of this focus on flowers is inspiring me - you'll probably see some flowery cards on here soon. Have a good week!!

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  1. It's funny--I live on the Oregon coast, totally different from your Texas climate, but the kind of day you described is often times the best day for gardening here, too. For the opposite reason. Being so close to the ocean, it's usually kind of windy in the summer. Not a balmy breeze--a gusty and sometimes chilly wind. Those overcast or drizzly days are some of our warmest, most comfortable days. And doesn't everything look so fresh and green when it's all washed clean by the drizzle? Oh...I love it! Thanks for sharing your garden moments.


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