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Thursday, April 26, 2007

I've been tagged!

One of the blogs I love to visit everyday is Leslie Miller's Running with Scissors. Leslie's cards are absolutely beautiful, and she also does tutorials & gives such great tips, I've learned so much from reading her blog and I only discovered it in the last week! She also happens to be incredibly nice, and a fellow gardener - so of course I like her lots! Well today I went over there and found that she had tagged me! These tags have been going around the stamping blog world a lot recently, and I've just been sitting on the bench, waiting for my nod to play - here it is! I feel I've really made it into the blogging world now! *wink* In this particular game of tag, I am supposed to list 7 things (possibly weird things) about me, so here goes...

1. It's going on a year since I've had a haircut. Embarrassing but true. :-( And let's not even discuss the state of my eyebrows....!!!!

2. I have a yin-yang tattoo on my left ankle.

3. One of my summer jobs while in college was sorting cucumbers at a pickle factory...! (I know it sounds like there should be a punchline here, but I'm completely serious!!)

4. I have a deep fear of putting my hand down into the garbage disposal! I don't know if it's because I think it will magically turn on, or because it's so gross down in there, or both.

5. I dream of one day running a little bed & breakfast in someplace green & scenic, perhaps Vancouver Island (like the wonderful place I stayed in Sooke for Kari's wedding!!). Or, some quaint little town in Europe, and the American tourists will be drawn to stay because they will love how well I bake the local specialties and feel comfortable that English is spoken, and I will get listed in a Rick Steves guidebook. :-)

6. I am completely grossed out by congealed food. You know how homemade Thanksgiving gravy gets after you've put it in the fridge? Or the skin that forms on queso after it's sat out too long? Ugh! And I think flan is very unnatural and just plain wrong! (sorry Maria!)

7. I am a diet coke junkie (yes, I have too many little addictions!) - but I've decided to try & kick the habit. Today is my first day "sober". I have a headache and I'm soooo sleepy! But I'm thinking that if I declare it in writing here on this blog, that I'M GIVING IT UP, it will be more 'pressure' to actually follow through. :-)

Pretty interesting, huh? You're probably thinking "*yawn*, where's a new card??". Hopefully I'll post one tomorrow - Thursday is my tv night so I've just been vegging, but thought I better at least answer this tag.

The other part of this tagging thing is that I'm now supposed to tag 7 more people. I don't think I will - I don't feel like I've earned the right to do that just yet, I'm too new to this blogging thing. But for my friends/customers who aren't obsessed with blogs (*yet*), I'll tell you about some of my favorites, and why I love them. None of you I'm listing need to feel like you have to play along (as if you read my blog!), and I think most of you have already been tagged multiple times anyway!

Of course there's Leslie, 'nuff said already. :-)

Heather uses a lot of Kraft paper, which those of you who know me, know I also *love* - but she makes it look a lot better than I do! I'm getting a lot of great ideas from her work!!

Kirsten's blog is called "Confessions of a Naptime Stamper" - I *love* that name, it's so ME - I wish I would have thought of it! :-) (and she's also a terrific stamper!)

Allison is amazing - she posts lists of "Tutorials of Note" and "Candy & Give Aways" - she is a one-stop resource for everything going on in the blogosphere!

Michelle makes stunningly beautiful creations - she is so artistic, and just seems like a fashion queen to me. Like the Carrie Bradshaw of stamping or something. She's been challenging people to find inspiration in advertising, it's so cool!

Amy has been doing an awesome Q&A thing on her blog, I've learned sooo much from her! And her creations are too too too cute!! Love everything she does out there on the Canadian prairie!

And of course there's my other favorites you've heard me gush over - Jenn, Taylor, Debbie, Beate, and her total badness Sherry. I check all their sites daily and love everything I see!

Hope you find that useful & find as much inspiration from these ladies as I have! :-)


  1. I just came over to tell you you've been tagged, but I see you found out! I love reading your blog. It truly is fun to drop in for a visit!

  2. I had completely forgotten about the pickle factory until last weekend when I was at the grocery store, of course buying pickles, and something about one of the brands made me think of it! It makes me realize how easy I had it with selling baseball hats and scooping ice cream!


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