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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Me and Ali!

Yes two posts in one night - but it just occurred to me - I have this photo of me and one of my scrappin' heroes, the one and only Ali Edwards (see link to her blog over to the left), here on my computer, with no outlet for showing it off and bragging about the fact that I actually got to meet her - UNTIL NOW!!! I have a blog, and I can post whatever I want on my blog, so I want to brag about the fact that I got to meet Ali Edwards!!! And as it turns out, she is SUPER DUPER NICE! My friend LisaK (yes the same one who's getting the Pregabella below!) told me about classes being taught by Ali at a scrapbook store up in Waco (of all places!) last September, so we went! My friend Theresa (the most fabulous scrapbooker I know in real life!) also met us up there. The class was so much fun, Ali was just one of the girls, hanging out with us. She had some of her scrapbooks with her, and as I looked through them I recognized pages from seeing them in Creating Keepsakes magazine - it was totally wild and surreal. At one point a few of us decided we wanted to buy some different letter stickers to use on the project we were making, and Ali went out to look around the store with us - we were all pretty tripped out by that experience, shopping for letter stickers with Ali! Anyway - it was super fun, and I know my friend Leigh thinks people are crazy who want their photos taken with "famous" people, but I guess I'm one of those crazy people!! (and I guess that's no surprise to anyone...!) So that was my brush with greatness. :-)


  1. Just a point of clarification - I do no think it is crazy to take pictures with famous people (I have a few of my own - he, he!!). I do, however, think it is certifiably crazy to stand in line for hours to take said pictures - after all, they are people just like you & me... well, almost anyway! ;) -Leigh

  2. How cool is that!!!!

  3. Love it! I have one of me with Donna Downey - my brush with fame. We had the same color glasses - green.


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