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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A bit of happiness among the mess!

I am cleaning my stamp room as we speak... ok, ok, I'm procrastinating a bit and posting a new card! But check this out... I was cleaning off my DISASTER of a desk, and was making a little pile of scraps or other elements that I didn't want to throw away, and both this stitched patterned paper and cut out doodle flower found their way into that pile! The stitched paper was what I started off with which eventually led to the stitched teddy bear card, and the flower was when I was playing around with the Jenn Balcer design, both below. Sitting next to each other on my desk, they screamed out to me "put us together on Kraft paper!!" - so who am I not to listen to my scraps??? Especially when it means a break from dealing with my massive mess! Ok, I'm going to do something very embarrassing now and show you what I'm dealing with tonight... here's the "before" photo of my desk. *UGH* I don't know how I let it get this bad - I guess I'm just a messy person when I'm being creative... (um, ok, don't know how to explain the rest of my messy house, but it was worth a try... on second thought that DOES explain it, I've been more interested in stamping than cleaning in general lately...!) :-) But alas, I had better stop procrastinating and get back to it... the desk is just one small part of the mess, my floor in there is absolutely COVERED with stuff, I have to carefully step around things to even make it to my desk! So overwhelming... I hope I find more scraps that I *just have to* take a break and play with soon... :-)


  1. Oh, my goodness! Are you going to redeem yourself by showing us an "after" picture? Tee hee! No, really, I'll bet we've all been there before. BTW, your card is fabulous! Amazing what happens when you clean!

  2. Well I cleaned mine up and I can only assume you have yours too! Let's see some after photos!


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