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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Up to no good!

My darling child has figured out that I keep yummy things in the diaper bag, in case of emergency (ie toddler tantrum) when we are out running errands. He is truly getting too smart for *my* own good! This morning he got into the diaper bag, found a partial bag of Goldfish, and dumped them all over the floor, then proceeded to sit there eating them. Off the floor I haven't mopped in way too long! And why was I not a more alert mom? Why didn't I notice this as it was happening, you ask?? Why, because I was too busy over at the computer reading all of my favorite blogs, of course! Is that a "caught in the act" look on his face or what? :-)


  1. This photo is hilarious. Don't I know how smart kids are. My little guy instinctively knows when I am preocupied ( ie stamping, blogging) and chooses then to strike!

  2. sounds like you were BOTH caught in the act! What did YOUR expression look like? He's so cute! I'll bet you weren't mad, were you? Think of the floor as just building up immunity. What a sweetheart!

  3. Oh my gosh...that picture sure captures the moment. Too cute!! I can relate, by the way. ;)


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