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Sunday, February 24, 2008

My other auction projects...

I thought I'd share the other two card designs I made for my Zonta silent auction item yesterday. I am officially sick of using Bravo Burgundy, So Saffron and Roses in Winter for a while now...! And sorry if you are sick of looking at them. :-) The set of 12 cards did quite well at the auction though - they brought in $42! Not too shabby! And it was fun making them - good to be in the ol' stamp room again! But now I'm definitely in the mood to stamp something completely just for fun!! I also need to work on my March birthday list. You may remember that my new year's goal was to a) stamp with someone in mind and actually SEND cards (I am a recovering card-hoarder!) and b) try to get a card to everyone on my calendar this year. Well, I've already failed! My poor friend Brenda was the first casualty, her birthday came and went last week with no card. *sigh* I'll have to make it up to her with a fun surprise in her mailbox at some random point in the future...!

Right now my parents are here helping to entertain the kids, so I'm *supposed* to be cleaning up my stamp room, so I can put the air bed in there and they can maybe spend some nights here! So far they've been staying with my sister. But, I am the World's Biggest Procrastinator, especially when it comes to cleaning up my disaster of a stamp room (I don't know how that room is continually exploding on me!! Ok, I do know - I'm a slob. But it's still frustrating!). But I need to get it done, so that maybe I can do that stamping just for fun I mentioned before they do move in, and also so I can feel like I've accomplished something before settling on the couch to watch the Oscars tonight. I always love watching the Oscars - I love watching movies - but sadly I rarely do that anymore, I don't think I've seen hardly anything that's nominated this year!! I did make it out to see Sweeney Todd last month, because I had to see my Johnny sing!!! And I'm looking forward to seeing him there tonight! Although sadly I know he probably won't win. Ok enough rambling - back to the stamp room I go. I'm feeling too lazy to write out the card recipes - they are pretty self-explanatory I think, but feel free to ask if you are curious about anything... Happy Stampin'!


  1. Gorgeous cards, Libby!!! Congratulations on the success at the auction too!!

    Enjoy your parents' visit!!

  2. Way to go Libby -- $42 that is FANTASTIC. I think these cards are beautiful!!

  3. $42 is a great bid. But then again, they are really beautiful cards. Congrats!

  4. pretty and i love the unique colors!

  5. Great blog Libby.. I have been looking around and your work is lovely.

  6. Oh I will never tire of bravo burgundy, so saffron or the RIW set. Those are all some of my very favorites and you have made gorgeous cards using them.

  7. I am so glad to hear that I am not the only cardmaking slob out there! Love your cards!

  8. Very pretty cards, congrats on them bringing in $42.00 :)


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