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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Me, SKINNY? I don't think so!

A little while back, the incredibly fabulous and talented Sophia Landry of Moonlight Inker honored me with the You Cheer Me Up Award!! Thanks Sophie! I'm sure you all visit her blog regularly, but if not - check it out! The girl can COLOR! She always blows me away with her talent!! So, I've been meaning to post about the award here, but never got around to it! I had planned to tell you how incredibly funny I find Carole, Monica, Cambria, Simone, etc, and how they cheer me up every time I visit their blogs. But today someone cheered me up like no other, so I had to share!! My fellow Hambo design team member, Isabelle (aka Inkerbelle) called me, and I quote, a "SKINNY STAMPER". Since I think she's the first person to EVER call me skinny (the closest I've come is being told I have "delicate veins" by a nurse once when she couldn't find one to draw blood from - so my veins are skinny!), I had to give her this award!!!! LOL! Apparently I have created some controversy (and animosity!) by posting on Sunday that I fit into my pre-preggo jeans already! While I am very happy that I didn't gain too terribly much during this pregnancy (despite all the cupcake cravings!) I am nowhere close to skinny!!! Actually, now that I'm done having babies FOREVER, I plan to join Weight Watchers just as soon as the grandparents stop visiting (and cooking for me). I have heard it said that you "cannot trust a skinny stamper" - so let me assure you all, I am VERY trustworthy!!! LOL!


  1. I fit into my pre-preggo pants pretty fast after the kid arrived but that was a million moons ago and I would love to fit in those jeans now! LOL
    You and my cyber baby also put a smile on my face! How is she doing, I haven't seen a picture in about a week...I need an update!

  2. LOL Skinny Stamper! That's too funny!

  3. Uh oh! You'll be getting less trustworthy by the minute! Good luck!


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