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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wild Boys!

If you liked my last card, then check this out! That's my friend Diane, owner of the cool Duran Duran stamp! And if you thought the stamp was just too cool for words, then you know full well who she's posing with!! This photo was taken in December when they played here in Austin - Diane's Christmas gift to me was a ticket to the show, but I was so big and pregnant at the time, and also nursing a cold, in the end I decided not to go - the venue has no seats and I didn't think I could handle being on my swollen feet and aching hips for that long. So as I sat my big butt on the couch that evening watching Friends repeats and blowing my nose, she was doing THIS! Can you believe that!?!?! Not only does awesome stuff like this happen to her all the time, but as you can see in the photo, Diane also happens to be completely gorgeous. She's basically the kind of person I would normally have no choice but to despise out of utter jealousy. But luckily for me, she's one of the best friends a girl could ask for and I have no choice but to love her to pieces! :-) Oh and by the way, there is a bit of a silver lining to all of this - I was able to sell my ticket on craigslist, and she told me to keep the cash and use it to buy myself a different Christmas present - so I used that money toward my Nestabilities purchase! So what do you think would be better - owning some Nesties, or meeting the Wild Boys...!!?? I'm not sure! :-)


  1. I'm... speechless! And you KNOW that never happens!!! Wow! I need to meet this gal...

  2. Too bad you couldn't go, but Nestabilities are pretty cool! So fun that your friend got a picture w/ them ?! My friend in high school loved Duran Duran so much - we used to call him Simon. :)

  3. Oh my lucky for Diane!! (At least you got something out of the deal).

  4. Thanks Libby for the kind words! FYI, the guys are even cuter in person!!!

    And congrats on Hambo Design Team! They are lucky to have you.


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