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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


My house is such a mess right now! Funny, we spent the entire weekend working hard at "cleaning it up" - but somehow that process has just led to more mess! Today I have painters here, hiding the evidence that we ever had wallpaper in the kitchen and master bath. Apparently it dates the house - wallpaper was totally 90's, nobody does it in the new millennium... or so I'm told anyway. The painters showed up about 15 minutes early this morning, and I hadn't had time to get dressed or clean up the kitchen - since the kitchen had the remains of breakfast and me making Carter's lunch all over it, the painters started in the master bath. Only after they started did I realize I was still wearing the same tshirt and sweats I wore last night to bed. So I guess I'm stuck in them for the rest of the day! When not nursing Courtney or running Carter to school, I've spent the rest of the morning talking to window cleaners and carpet installers. The thing that I need to focus on through all of this craziness - in the end we will have a much bigger house, with a much nicer stamp room!! Woohoo!!!


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  2. Sounds like very busy times for you Libby! I wish you all my BEST!!

  3. Wow! Good luck with all that! How fun that you're getting a new house! I love a good adventure!


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