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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A new addiction?

I know what you're thinking - just what she needs, yet another hobby she won't be able to find time to do...! But man, I am so obsessed with the idea of crocheting right now! It's all Craft Critique's fault!!! Ever since I saw the report on some seriously cute crochet, I can think of nothing else! I need to learn to make these little animals!! So today I headed off to Joann's, 40% off coupon in hand, hoping to find Ana Paula's book. I didn't. But since I know NOTHING about crochet, I figured I'd pick up this "crochet bible" since it was on sale, and some basic supplies I'm hoping are the things I need just to get started (since I know nothing!). I don't even know the difference between knitting and crochet - I'm guessing after spending some time in that aisle that knitting uses two knitting needles and crochet uses one hook?? I dunno. I actually asked some wise looking woman in the yarn aisle if she could tell me what in the world "worsted weight" yarn means - I still don't really know, but I think I got the right stuff to get started. While I was there I had to touch some of the nicer yarns.... oooh how I lovvvveee them!!! I resisted the urge to buy any, though, until I can figure out if I can even do this. My sister says knitting hurts her wrists, and I do have carpal tunnel issues, so it may not happen. But I sure hope so! I need to make those little animals!! Oh and I forgot to mention my other reasoning behind this (yes I have given it thought, it's not just an impulse dive into another hobby...) - my mom is now staying through mid-July, so my stamp room will be occupied for most of that time. I like to stamp at night, but I can't. But I can pull out my yarn and crochet hook and book in the living room at night. So... that's my plan. Wish me luck! I'll report back if I actually make anything. And I'll keep stamping during the day too!!!!!! :-) Oh and let me know if you crochet and have any online or print resources you'd recommend!


  1. Ha! I took a class one time and made ONE slipper...never got to the second one...LOL So much for my career with the knitting needles!

  2. I crocheted a LONNG time ago - years and years - good luck with it - I really enjoyed it then. Hope you make it through the visit with your mom okay - we are going to miss your stamping creations though!

  3. Good luck with this, Libby!! I know how to knit and crochet both...but never really fell in love with it. I think you'll pick up on it just fine, 'cause you're just that kind of girl!! :D

  4. Hi, Love your blog! Hope your crochet attempts are going well. I have been crocheting for about a year and I love, and utube. My most favorite rescource though, are children's books. Hope this helps.


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