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Sunday, August 10, 2008

My little stamper!!

So have you missed me? Well I'm back!! Thanks for the nice comments on my last post - last week had its ups and downs, but we all survived. Daddy got home last night, so Carter is very happy today (and they went down to ride the train at the park so my house is so nice and quiet at the moment!!). I thought Courtney was on the mends, but then yesterday afternoon she was NOT a happy camper. I am pretty sure her cold turned into an ear infection, she's acting the same as she did the last couple times. But after some sleep and some Tylenol, she seemed a lot happier this morning, so we'll see what today brings...!

Anyway, I had to show you some photos I snapped yesterday. I had a little new catalog thing at my house. That's my sister in the photos, helping Carter stamp!! Yes, his first time stamping. *sniff* It just brings a tear to my eye... LOL. He loved it - OF COURSE! How could any kid of mine NOT love it?? But I know it was probably foolish to let him try it, because now I will most likely never get to stamp again in front of him without him wanting to stamp too...! But it was so cute. He really loves doing creative things, which makes me so happy.

Oh and speaking of the new Stampin' Up catalog - holy moly!! I am soooo in love with it!! I haven't been this excited about a catalog in a while! Soooooo many things in it I *need*!!! Ok, want to hear what I'm most excited about?? The little set with alcoholic drinks!! And the matching wheel!!! What does that say about me? ;-) I just think it's so cute. And I love the beer glass, so great for making guy cards.

Ok, just wanted to say hi and tell you I should be back in action this week!! Hope to get a lot of stamping done this afternoon, woohoo!!! (My DH went to Prague this week, one of my favorite places on the planet, without me, while I stayed home with sick kids and HIS parents... he owes me, doesn't he??) ;-) Enjoy your week!


  1. I am sure I will love the new catalog too -- if I EVER get mine.......still no box, no preorder, no comp, not nuttin'!

  2. What is that horrible look on my face in the last photo? Was I talking or trying to smile? Anyway, I love that he stamped!

  3. This is so cool and Carter looks absolutely enchanted! Look how closely he's concentrating. Bet he loved those elephants--like magic! Yes, Joel owes you one...or two or three. Love the new catalog, too! Got an order going in soon.

  4. Your little stamper is so sweet! I wish mine sat so nicely instead of trying to grab and stamp anything within reach once he gets inky. heehee.

    I love the drinks set and wheel too. I lit right on that one on the way by. Of course I love making drink cards, they're super fun. Thank goodness for 20% off, LOL!


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