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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Temporary Art

Since I didn't have time to create a layout for Cyndi's Scrappy Sketch today, I thought I'd share some photos from yesterday, ones I look forward to scrapping eventually...! Carter wanted to be outside yesterday morning while Daddy was mowing the lawn, so I pulled out the sidewalk chalk I had picked up in the dollar bins at Target a little while back (but have never pulled out before now because I cannot stand being outside when it's 100+ degrees in this rotten Texas summer!!). It was his first time playing with it, and he loved it! He was running from one side of the driveway the other - "make a line here Mommy!"... "make a line here Mommy!"... he's never had such a large canvas before! Then he'd sit and draw so intently, with such a look of concentration on his face. See the kitty he drew?? Just kidding, Mommy did that - he was just adding some extra details to it. :-) And those chalks standing up all in a line - no, I didn't do that to make cool photo props, he did that all on his own. That's a big thing for him these days, lining things up in a row. I think it's related to his passion for all things train! It was fun playing with the chalk with him, it brought back some childhood memories of my own - oh how I used to love writing on the sidewalk with chalk! We didn't even have a sidewalk at my house out in the country, so it was fun to go into town to my Gramma's, the big city with sidewalks! (just kidding about the big city part, I'm from a very small town in Michigan!) I took one self-portrait photo of us so it's super close up. And finally, my chalk art from yesterday - my little political statement. It rained yesterday afternoon and washed it all away...

So to you scrappers out there - be sure and check out Cyndi's sketch today, it's a fun one! I hope to make something with it soon, I'll let you know when I do! And also an fyi - we're leaving on vacation at the end of the week, so I'm not going to be around for Cyndi's next couple sketches either (BOO!) - but I hope to get into full scrapping mode when we get back!! The photos keep accumulating! Will I ever catch up?? (I know the answer to that...) :-) Have a great week!


  1. What fun pics! They will be great to scrap when life settles...does it ever??? I especially love the closeup of the two of you :)

  2. Great photos, he is so dang cute!!! This will be a fun scrapbook page for sure!!!

  3. What fun pictures and a fun day!

  4. Wonderful photos, and such fun too!! We love getting creative with chalk as well!!

  5. Oh, this is wonderful! What a good time. I love all those pretty pastel chalks lined up in front of Carter. He looks so pleased! I can't imagine a summer where you can't stand to be outside but I'd never be able to tolerate 100 degree weather, either. I wouldn't mind if our summers were a little warmer, though.


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