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Thursday, September 18, 2008

My little over-achiever!

Ok remember how just last night in my From Courtney's Closet post, I mentioned Courtney wasn't pulling herself up to standing on her own yet? Well look at this!! I had nothing to do with it - I was too busy reading stamping blogs when it happened! ;-) But I looked up when she was laughing and making all kinds of noises to get my attention - she was clearly very proud of herself! I grabbed the camera and snapped this shot before she decided she'd had enough and toppled over... luckily, toward the carpet and not the tile floor! Ugh, it's time for Stage 2 of babyproofing now. Those things up on the coffee table can no longer be considered "safe". (and if you're curious, those things are things her big brother freaks out if she touches - he's very much NOT into sharing with his sister right now - he liked her much better when she was a motionless blob who could not get ahold of his trains and start "eating" them...) She also loves climbing up on this built-in shelf in our livingroom, it's her favorite place to hang out. Have I mentioned she's only seven months??? It's so funny - when Carter was a baby all I could think was "when is he going to crawl??? why isn't he rolling over?? why isn't he moving yet??" - silly first-time mommy, now I know how WONDERFUL it is to have a baby who stays put until ~9 months or so...! Courtney is already proving to be one big little troublemaker!


  1. Well, I'm certainly not surprised to see that your rug is both polka-dotted AND scalloped! CUTE pictures of kiddies. Yes, they grow up too fast ... and other time, not fast enough! LOL Congratulations on the potty-training (give Carter a high-five for me)!

  2. Uh oh...there's no stopping her now, lol!! Soooo cute!!

  3. How funny!!! Love the one with the basket. My friend told me to pack everything up. I will have to do that because Alex can get everything off the table and the shelves. He pulls himself up on everything. I am so scared most of the time because I don't want him to hurt himself.
    She is adorable.

  4. Wow! What a moment...and she KNEW she'd done something special! How CUTE! Poor Carter. His trials have only just begun. I don't blame him for being upset.


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