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Monday, September 15, 2008

They like me, they really like me!!!

I'm going to try to dedicate this week to Getting Caught Up. At least, that's my intention. There's about a gazillion things I've wanted to post for a while now (including, no joke, roughly SEVEN MONTHS worth of RAKs! EEK!) so hopefully you will see a bunch of stuff like that this week, provided I can get everything photographed. And let's not even discuss the status of my email inbox or my Google Reader. Mass chaos. At any rate... here's an easier one to knock out! Three *wonderful* chickadees nominated me for some of those cool blog awards last week... Julie, MacKenzie and my sweet From Courtney's Closet devotee, Ashley!! I so appreciate that - I actually feel a little sad when I see everyone getting awarded and I'm always left out. Boo hoo. Sniff. LOL. (and actually, I'll mention again since it was tucked within my rambling, whiney birthday post last month, but Jane and Nic also nominated me as well!).
I'm not going to try to name 7 people to give this to, since there are soooo many worthy bloggers out there, plus I'm so far behind on blogging (see my Reader comment above...) that I have no clue who has and who has not already received them. Sooooooo... what I'm going to do instead is just make sure you check out my *fabulous* fellow designer gals on the two marvelous teams I have the pure pleasure and priviledge of stamping for.... (a few are redundant because they are some of the gals who gave me these awards, but oh well!!)

First, my beloved Hambo Stamps!
Monica at Talk to the Ham (our fearless leader!)
Jane at Jane's Addiction
MacKenzie at Midnight Scramper
Judy at Joy in a JAR
Holly at Toy's Haven

And my new team I'm lucky to be a part of, FireCracker Designs by Pamela!
The one and only Pamela herself, at Pamela's Gallery
Marie at Aloha and Mabuhay!
Lisa at Mainly Stamping...Sometimes Scrappin'
Vicki at Stamped Smiles
Karyn at Stamping Stuff
Heather at The Best in Life
Sherri at Stamping Serenity
Julie at The Write Stuff

These ladies are all so talented, it's an honor to be stamping with them! One of these days I'll get them linked up on my sidebar too - another thing on my long to do list, a major blog design overhaul! Stay tuned for that! :-) Ok now off to post another card... :-)


  1. You're so sweet Libby!! :) Thanks so much!!

  2. Congratulations on your awards!! They are certainly well-deserved!!

  3. Of COURSE they like you! We ALL like you, Libby!


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