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Monday, October 20, 2008

Election Day in Texas!

Early voting began today in Texas!! Courtney, Carter and I did our civic duty and cast our ballot! Ok truth be told, I have very much been looking forward to voting in this election!! I usually wait until election day, because I think it's FUN to vote ON election day, but this year I just couldn't wait. :-) Even though Courtney is sporting the "I Voted" sticker here, it was actually Carter who technically voted - I let him push the big, red "cast ballot" button. If you can't tell in the photo, Courtney's onesie says "Future President" - too cute. I actually hope she aspires to other things, being President seems like way too stressful a job for my sweet baby. But I suppose I'll support her if that's the career path she chooses. ;-) Aunt Laura bought this onesie for my munchkins, she works at the LBJ Presidential Library & Museum here in Austin and she found it in the giftshop. Apparently she's also bringing me a Red State/Blue State puzzle to have for fun on election night as I sit and watch the results come in. *grin* And now I thought I'd share a Public Service Announcement for my friends here in Travis County... if you need to know which districts you live in, look here. Here's a list of early voting locations. If you want to check which propositions are on your ballot, look here. And here's a good voting guide. To the rest of you, sorry, I can't help y'all. :-) But yay for democracy in action! ;-)


  1. Oh my goodness... that is the best baby shirt ever! Love it!

  2. Great pictures! And look, Courtney has two little teeth coming in. My kids are anxious for voting day too -- although my daughter thinks we have to actually go to the White House to do it!

  3. Super cute onsie... glad you voted... I'm waiting for the "Big Day" here in Oklahoma... it should be an interesting one.

    By the way...I'm totally jealous for your meeting and hanging with the big girls! (Oh, who am I kidding... you are one of the "big girls" in my stamping book too... someday I'm coming down to stalk/meet YOU!)

  4. Yay for another round of your kids in the Future President onesie! I love it. I'll have to show everyone at work how cute she is!

  5. Adorable pictures of your kiddos, Libby!! Soooo sweet!!

  6. Courtney for president! I see teeth! Does that qualify her? Good to see a pic of Big Brother, too. He's such a sweet looking guy, and looking so much older these days. Is Courtney aging him? I guess he has to be the mature one now...

    We're doing our mail-in ballots here. I'm still wading through the measures in the voters pamphlet.


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