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Sunday, October 26, 2008

October Roses

We went on a fun little outing this morning to the Zilker Botanical Garden here in Austin. They are currently hosting an exhibit called "DinoLand" - life size dinosaur replicas nestled in among the plants in the garden. Most certainly Carter's idea of a good time! I had a pleasant surprise at the garden - many of the roses still had blooms on them! Shows how much I know about Austin gardening, I didn't realize we still get roses this late into the fall!! So I went a little snap happy with the camera, and thought I'd share a few of them here, as well as a sorta neat photo of a butterfly. Enjoy! :-)


  1. What gorgeous pictures! Exactly what I needed on a dreary day!

  2. Hey Libby!
    My grandson Zack ary and my daughter, Holli went to Zilker park on Saturday! Then they went to a wildlife refuge and had a Boo at the Zoo!!!
    The roses are gorgeous! And your photographs are awesome!

  3. Cold, windy, and rainy here, lake effect snow predicted for tomorrow, so it was nice to see "pretty" again!!

  4. Very pretty flowers... we had our first freeze last night here in OK... hope it's warmer down by you!

  5. I really like the butterfly pic!!!! Awesome!

  6. Isn't that a beautiful sight this time of year? I especially love the butterfly photo!

  7. Gorgeous roses, and your butterfly photo is fabulous!! Thanks for sharing, Libby!!


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