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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sorry Everyone...

Hi friends - I'm sorry but I'm not going to have a From Courtney's Closet post for you this week. I hate doing this because I feel like I'm letting down the AWESOME ladies who played along this past week!! But - I promise your cards will get featured next Thursday, and I will have a winner from those cards for a little goodie from me. I've had a lot to do this week and have been staying up late every night doing it, as well as having little ones waking up a lot in the night once I do go to sleep - now tonight I seem to be coming down with the cold Courtney's been battling. I feel beat and my throat is killing me. So - I'm going to bed early. Be sure to tune in NEXT Thursday though, because the outfit I was planning to show you is very different and a lot of FUN! :-)

Ok the coolest thing just happened as I was standing here in my kitchen typing this (I keep my laptop on my kitchen counter) - I heard a bang against our window, so my hubby and I turned on the light and were peeking out to see what it was... I'm not sure what caused the noise exactly, but sitting there on our fence was the sweetest little owl!!!! We've never seen an owl outside our house, so it was REALLY neat. He kept turning his head to look at us with his big, all-knowing eyes, and then he'd flip his head back the other way. He was amazing, just like the FireCracker owl that I love so much! It makes me want to go and play with that stamp now!!! But no, I must go to sleep early... ;-) I tried taking a photo, but it was through the glass and just too dark outside, but here it is anyway, even though it's not great. Ok I'm off to have happy dreams about owls now!! :-)


  1. That's so cool, Libby! And the photo's not too bad considering... I hope he didn't hurt himself. I'm guessing he banged into the window. I'm sure sorry you're not feeling well. I hope Courtney and Carter don't get it, too. It's definitely no fun taking care of sick little ones when you've got it yourself, too. Take it easy and maybe you'll fight it off.

  2. How COOL is that??? Love the picture!

    Sorry that you aren't feeling well -- I hope you get some rest and start to feel better soon!!

    Take care

  3. how cool! Poor little owl seems to be lost.

    Whew I am saved...I decided to redo my who craft room and it is now almost 8.30pm and I was getting ready to go try to unbury something to stamp..Now I can work on it tomorrow and not be rushed. Too many late nights getting to me too. Sure hope you are feeling better in the morning!

  4. I am sorry you aren't feeling so well and that things are so hectic. Hope you are ship shape soon! What an awesome little owl experience! I LOVE stuff like that and am so glad you took a picture!

  5. Feel better soon Libby.
    I love your owl visitor!

  6. That owl is awesome! Cool picture, too. {{Libby}}it's good that you are calling it an early night. Take care of yourself. Keeping up with little ones takes every ounce of strength when you're healthy. Here's hoping that a good night's sleep cures that sore throat.

  7. oh my goodness!! I'm sorry you are sick, but OH how KOOL to have an owl on your fence like that!! I think the pic is terrific, all things

    Feel Better!!Pamela

  8. I hope you feel better soon.

    I played FCCC this week but I'm sick too so I haven't taken a picture. Since it's not too late, I might leave you a comment later. If I'm not too tired.

  9. Oh I hope you feel better. I'm so bummed there is no challenge though (not trying to make you feel bad :). I missed playing will I was working on design team submissions. Guess I'll have to dig through my own kids closets..LOL!!! Get better!!!!

  10. I left you something on my blog! Check it out

  11. Libby, it is ok to take a break. I was not going to be able to do your challenge this week because life is crazy for me right now. I was upset that I would disappoint you. I hope to mail your blog candy on Monday. How lucky to see such a beautiful owl.

  12. No worries, Libby!! It will just give me extra time to gear up for the next FCCC! I hope you start feeling better.

  13. Very cool picture of the owl, Libby!! I hope you're feeling better!! Hugs!!


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