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Saturday, January 31, 2009

From Courtney's Closet: Round-up & Announcement!

Well friends - I have some good news and some bad news. First the bad news - I'm throwing in the towel on posting a new From Courtney's Closet card this week. It's been a rough couple of days around here with a boy who doesn't want to sleep (not sure if it's because he misses Daddy, or because we watched "Beauty and the Beast", which he loved yet between the Beast, the wolves and mean old Gaston he thought it was pretty darn scary...) (and btw - we've watched it twice now - I can't seem to watch it without getting teary, which I think freaks him out a little too, doesn't like seeing Mommy cry!!) and a baby girl who's cutting teeth and also not wanting to sleep. But here's the good news - one reason I've decided to just skip this week is because I am planning to come back sooner than usual with a big, fun From Courtney's Closet celebration next week, with a super sweet blog candy challenge and everything!!! Yay!! My plan is to post that on WEDNESDAY - a day earlier than "normal" - so if I still tried to make a card this week and post - it would make this week's challenge even shorter than last week's. Follow that? LOL! So anyway - I'm just going to focus on the next one instead. You will not want to miss it, I promise!! If you've been thinking about playing but never have - this will be the week you want to jump in!! Ok, here's a little mini-contest to warm you up - can anyone guess *why* I'm doing a From Courtney's Closet celebration on Wednesday??? First person to guess right will get a little goodie from me! :-) Now for the round-up... Above is the photo that I shared last week for inspiration, and here are the awesome chicas who made some super cute cards!! First up, Anita's daughter Katie with this cutie! Her post just cracked me up - she said the bug represents how Courtney can be cute as a bug, and yet bug her Mommy at times... LOL! So true, so true...!Maria played again this week and created this fun card - I love how she broke up the sentiment, too cute!!Like Katie, Sue also went with a bug on her card, although I'm not sure it was for the same reasons. :-) I just love the top of Sue's card, it looks so much like the ruffley sleeve on Courtney's outfit. And that little bug is just adorable!Sharon took the hot pink flower on Courtney's outfit as her source of inspiration, used some GORGEOUS sparkley DP, and then paired it with purple. I loooove purple, so that was a very good call in my book! :-) Just gorgeous!My favorite this week came from my friend Karen - so many things I love about this card! The texture on the flower is really fun, the curve cut into the card is so elegant and pretty, and I love how she placed the sentiment on the bottom/inside of the card. So very lovely!!Thanks for playing ladies - and I hope you all tune in again on Wednesday for my celebration!!! Hopefully I'll post another thing or two between now and then as well! (And actually - come back on Sunday to check out an opportunity for a Super Deal!) :-) Happy Stamping!!


  1. Because it's Courtney's birthday of course! Can't believe she's nearly one already! ~chris

  2. Aww shoot. I wasn't first. I was going to guess that it's Courtney's birthday as well. A great reason to celebrate :)

  3. Awwwww, these ladies that stay up late beat me! I with them...I bet its sweet little Courtney's birthday! Can't wait to see the celebration!

  4. Oh man, I had to sleep last night and didn't read this until morning. Granted, early for a Saturday!!

    It's Courtney's birthday!

  5. Sorry you are having a rough time! I think it's Courtney's birthday too. I hope her teeth come through fast and she's out of pain soon.

  6. Whoo Libby that does sound like a pretty rough week! Hope the kiddoes get to sleep soon and you can rest up for Courtney's big birthday this week!
    Looking forward to the fun!

  7. Courtney's birthday - I follow your weekly inspiration challenge but haven't participated yet - maybe this week. I am a friend of Sue from Sue's Stamping Stuff and watch her entries as well.

  8. Wow! Great cards from your players! I'm looking forward to next week!


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