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Friday, March 27, 2009

From Courtney's Closet #36 - an inspiration challenge

Welcome to From Courtney's Closet, the somewhat weekly feature on my blog where I dress my sweetpea up in one of her cutie patootie outfits, and then make a card based on that outfit! Donna guessed that Courtney might be wearing a baby apron in today's picture - I WISH!! How cute would that be?? No, when my baby girl "helps" me unload the dishwasher, she's wearing a super cute Cool Caribbean and Chocolate Chip outfit with polka dots and flowers!! (Am I the only one who describes colors - ALL colors - as Stampin' Up colors???) :-) So after I finished the card tonight, I looked at it and thought "WOW - this looks like a Unity card!!" That was not intentional - I am not trying to promote that company. Not that I have anything against them, they seem like a fine company (although the owner looks more like a supermodel than a stamper?? Am I wrong???), I've just not found room in the budget to try any of their stamps. Yet. :-) But anyway - I digress. As usual. Today's card is fairly straightforward! I knew I wanted to use white flowers with brown centers - I turned to my box of Stampin' Up Pretties and found the flower, and then found my stash of goodies from Nancy's share to contain the perfect large brown brad (I am so grateful to Nancy for doing the AWESOME SU embellishment & paper shares, I am using what I got from her ALL THE TIME!). The sentiment is from an old Verve set - I think maybe Julee's first stamps? I bought them in red rubber when the set was called "Thoughtful Phrases" and the company was called Verve VISUAL, but now the same sentiments are part of the "Thoughtful Florals" clear photopolymer set. Well, between Verve and Unity, I sure did do a lot of jabbering about stamp companies considering the teeny tiny bit of actual stamping on this card!!!! Geesh. So, how about you? Want to make a card with lots of actual stamping on it, inspired by this outfit? Or one with even less than mine has?? If you do, link back here when you have it posted so I can come and take a peek!! Last week's outfit (and/or my CAS card!) inspired some wonderful creativity! First of all, the one and only super famous and all around amazing Donna, who I mentioned earlier (yes I am a TERRIBLE name dropper!) played again this week! YAY!!! Love her super cute card! (and check her blog for another cutie with this same tree!)And speaking of famous - holy smokes - the one and only ALLISON played too!!! Talk about EXCITING! :-) This scrapbook page of her sweet Charlotte just makes me want to pinch those cheeks...!!!Speaking of pinchable cheeks and general cuteness, Sue also made a scrapbook page, of her sweet grandbaby Cole and his loving Gwamma.And speaking of scrapbook pages (aren't I on a complete roll tonight with my segues??**), Warm & Wonderful (for lack of a better name! Sorry, I couldn't find your actual name on any of your blogs!!) sent me a photo from the ADORABLE scrapbook she had put together for her niece, who just had a baby. Do yourself a favor and check that link, her entire book is just fantastic!!Hmm... can't think of another perfect segue so I'll just move onto my HAPPIEST player this week, and that would be Ananya! Everything about her card made her happy, so she even used that as the sentiment! And, well, that makes me completely HAPPY too!! So cute, Ananya!!I was very HAPPY to see Chris send me her link earlier today - you weren't too late, girl, because I was way behind on posting this as usual!!! Love your card - that was such a fun sketch this week!Maria's card is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face - my favorite gingham girl used some plaid, too! Love it!And last but not least, my favorite this week - Jenn! While sweet Sue avoids orange like the plague, Jenn embraces it! Actually she may love it a little TOO much, if you know what I mean...! (actually, I don't even know what I mean - I'm typing this entirely WAY too late at night and I'm being completely goofy, LOL!) If you haven't visited Jenn's blog yet, please do - she's super funny, and she used to live in Austin so she is just cool by default. Oh and her cards are nice too! :-)Thanks everyone for playing this week, and thanks to the rest of you for stopping by. Make sure and come back on SATURDAY, I'll be joining in on another fun FireCracker blog hop! And you know that Pamela, she usually includes prezzies! Yay!! Have a great weekend! :-)
  • Stamps: Thoughtful Phrases/Thoughtful Florals from Verve Stamps
  • Paper: Cool Caribbean, Whisper White, PTI Dark Chocolate paper & DP
  • Ink: Chocolate Chip
  • Accessories: SU Pretties kit, SU brown brad, Bazzill brown mini brads, satin ribbon
** I learned tonight that this word is spelled segue NOT segway!! LOL!


  1. Beautiful card, Libby!! And your little helper is just so cute and sweet.

  2. Your card is so cute, I just want to case it!!!! That outfit is adorable too!!! Playing again, maybe today with all the snow :)

  3. I don't know how you get her to wear those hair clips, my daughter rips everything out of her hair. We had to get it cut because it was in her eyes all the time. Courtney is CUTE! :)

  4. I love the dress and courtney in it! I think I might play again this week. I just got the perfect paper to go with the dress just yesturday! Another reason to make me happy, huh? Thanks so much for doing this great challenge!

  5. Your card is so pretty, Libby!! I love those colors, all of your polka dots, and of course the beautiful flower!!

    Courtney looks so cute in her outfit, and I think she will be your best little helper before you know it!!

    All of the challenge card look fabulous!!

  6. Love these posts Libby!! Your little girl is so busy!! ;) Love your gorgeous flower card!!

  7. Love your little helper, great cards too.

  8. Oh my gosh! She is sooo cute, and I'm so in love with her fun little outfit -- I want one just like it!!! Definitely going to have to try to play this week -- that's just too inspirational not to!

  9. oh my word! I ADORE that outfit! I wish I had a cute shirt like that - lol about the apron wink...and thanks for showing MY card first-YOU make me FEEL like a ROCKSTAR!! HA I totally ordered making that card based on her little outfit as I'm SURE to enjoy this one TOO! dang - she's the best dressed baby around! and I have to that 2nd pic, she is looking SO grown and pretty (not just cute, wow)

  10. Beautiful card, Libby! I love the colors, and the photograph shows off all the texture and dimension to perfection! Courtney is as darling as ever and becoming quite the little mother's helper (not?). She looks so serious and mature in the second photo. My gosh, how time has flown by!

  11. OMG- Aren't you the sweetest thing ever!!! I absolutely LOVE your card and Courtney's outfit- I am going to make sure i find time this week to play. I also think in SU colors all the time and used paper samples when I was picking out paint colors for my house!!! And yes, the Unity chick looks just like a supermodel- and how does she keep her teeth so white??? She must not have a coffee addiction like me!!!! Speaking of pretty ladies, Courtney just gets cuter and cuter every week. And she dresses so much better than I do!!!

  12. Another darling outfit and candid moment with little Courtney! Oh how I miss when my Hannah was that size wearing cute at 4 1/2 she insists on picking her own outfits...ugh:) Thanks for the inspiration, Libby!

  13. Such wonderful cards from last week!!

    I LOVE Courtney's outfit for this week -- so CUTE!! LOVE those colors!

    Here is mine:

  14. Your card for your challenge is lovely! I really like the color combo of the teal and brown with the pretty flower!

  15. Thanks so much for the link to my blog. My name is Mary Hicken aka Warm & Wonderful.

  16. Libby, I think the card you made for this week's challenge is Vun-derful!
    Looks like lil' missy is getting to be quite the busy body...much like little Cole! Boy can they move fast!
    I finished my card (yeah, early for me) and will be on vacation next week so not sure I can play...wahhhh-but I will try if I can.

    Here's my card

  17. So sweet! I love this color combo, so I am going to try to play this week!

  18. I made in plenty of time this week! Here's my card:


  19. Your card is great, but she is soooooooo adorable. I love her outfit!

  20. Hey Libby....yeah, yeah, yeah...I made it this week!

    Here's my card:


  21. I don't know if I'll be able to get this in on time but since I did make the card, I might as well show you.

  22. I really really love this card, Libby! The colors are my favorite! And flower - so beautiful!!!
    Just wanted to share with you my story...
    Okay, somebody asked me if I am not tired of stamping yet... (I guess somebody tired of my cards...) I didn't know what to answer and I said that probably I am not so talented if I can't do anything but stamping...
    Why do I tell it to you - because this card is a proof that you can do anycard, even without stamping! What does it mean? - YOU ARE SO TALENTED, LIBBY!
    I love your blog, Libby!


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