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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sneaky Peeky...

Hi all! Here is this week's sneak peek of Courtney's outfit. Hmm.... whatever could she be wearing? Does it fit with my "Texas theme" this week?** And what is she doing that's making her so happy?? If you already saw on Facebook or my kids' blog, no fair guessing. ;-) (not that it matters, there is no prize involved on this guessing, LOL!) **So... as you have probably noticed... on Monday I was all excited to start "Wildflower Week" and, well, it's late Wednesday night and you're probably thinking HELLO!?!?! WHERE ARE THE STINKIN' WILDFLOWERS YOU PROMISED?!?!? I'm sorry, I'm in some weird kind of funk that has left me feeling mojo-less and unmotivated to stamp!!! I definitely need to SNAP OUT OF IT!!! So... considering I haven't stamped yet tonight, tomorrow's FCCC post will probably not happen until LATE Thursday night or Friday morning, fyi. And I *will* continue with my wildflower theme for a few days after that - I have so many awesome wildflower & bluebonnet stamps that I'm dying to play with!! But until then... I thought I'd leave you with some bluebonnet goodness. Head on over to Betty's blog and check out the GORGEOUS photos she posted there. See why I love my Texas Bluebonnets??


  1. Libby, I am leaving on vacation tomorrow so I think I may miss this challenge...I am traumatized!

  2. I don't know what she's wearing but it sure has red and white on it! love those colors. I'd geuss a dress and she seems to be outdoors so maybe she's at a barn or ranch or even the backyard with some animals. Maybe feeding them?

  3. There appears to be a hairy rump "behind" (ohhh, I crack myself up) her! I, too, see the red and white and am very excited about those colors! I'll have to find you on FB so I can get the upper hand in these challenges! ;)
    I hear ya on the funk....

  4. oh, oh, oh, I know, I know!!!! Is that the Austin petting zoo that I recognize there in the background??? (I love that place, especially if you get there in time to see them feed the animals!!) I am jumping out of my chair as I write this!!! (Austin- here we come- wooo hoo!!) I didn't know you had a kids blog too- I will have to check it out, just to see if I'm right!!! :-)

  5. oops- can't find your kids blog- that is probably just for family- I will wait till you show us the rest of the pic!!! :-) patience young padawan!!! (my boys are bigtime star wars fans, I can't help it.)

  6. bandana dress- red, texas, has to be!

  7. whatever it is - I bet it's adorable! How about an apron type dress? what's with me & the aprons? I bet it has some red, yellow & orange flowers on it. I think it may be her at the zoo, since you mentioned taking the kids there last week & we haven't seen any pics yet! can't wait to see the WHOLE enchilada -look at her hair growing.

  8. What an adorable little darling...she would look good in anything!!!!!


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