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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Inspiration Award

My friend Chris at Mudmaven Designs gave me this sweet award today. Thank you so much Chris!

I have about a gazillion blogs in my Reader, which is why I am forever falling behind - and I love sooo many blogs so much! But I'm going to pass this on to the three blogs I always check first, and am always up to date on - even though they may not realize it, because I'm not always great with the comments! And ladies, I know you probably don't do these tag games yourself, and that's perfectly ok with me. :-)

So the blogs are:

Leslie at Running With Scissors - her work is beyond gorgeous, she is generous with her tutorials and she occasionally takes us for walks in her magnificent garden.

Carole at Mother's Little Helper - her work is cute, funky and fun, and she is a fantastically funny writer who always brings a smile to my face.

And third, I've never tagged a challenge blog before but what the heck - Brooke and Sankari at Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge. The most fun I have in the stamp room is creating cards inspired by the movies they choose.



  1. Garsh, thanks, Libby! I really appreciate this. Wish I could be better about my blurfing and commenting, too. I try, but either I'm slowing down or I'm getting busier, or maybe I'm just giving more time to all the other things that are part of daily life. You sure have been a blogging wonder lately! As always, I not only enjoy your cards, but I love reading every word of your posts.

  2. Awww, thanks, Libby! Back at you, sweet friend -- you're a huge inspiration to me, too. Love ya, girlfriend!! And I WILL come to Austin sooner or later, I promise! Hey -- any chance you'll be in Michigan in mid-July??? Carter and I will be at EuroPeds from the 13th-24th... And just found out we'll probably be just south of Nashville for 3 months this fall (super cool piece of therapeutic equipment there...), in case you're ever out that way. LOL!


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