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Friday, June 5, 2009

From Courtney's Closet - a round-up!

Hi everyone! I know I'm frightfully late posting this - I hope you haven't been hanging on the edge of your seat!! It's been a hectic 24hrs and I didn't get a chance to sit down and gather up all the info and start summarizing until late tonight! But, it's been a good kind of hectic - Courtney's grandparents are visiting, which is nice! Today I even got to go see a movie with my mom & brother while my dad babysat! (I saw Star Trek - LOVED IT!!) This evening we had a little gathering to watch my Red Wings - even hunted down a Little Caesar's to order dinner from (they aren't as common down here!) but then those darn Wings didn't fulfill their end of the bargain and lost. Sigh. I'm hoping Game 5 in Detroit on Saturday goes better...

ANYWAY! I am sure the vast majority don't care about any of that, so let's get on with the matter at hand...

Two weeks ago I posted my From Courtney's Closet one year anniversary challenge! I had intended the challenge to be to pick any one of the twelve outfits I featured in my mini scrapbook, but some took it as picking any outfit from the past year - and that is just fine with me too! These amazing ladies made some AWESOME cards to help me celebrate:
Sue, Nic, Stacey, Maria, Anita, Katie Ann, Kelly, Melissa, Kim, Caryl, Rosie, Anita, Chris

And one week ago I posted a birthday card based on a fun blue striped fishy outfit Courtney was wearing! LOVE the cards it inspired:

I put all of these names in a hat (a couple more than once because they made more than one card!) and pulled one out... and the winner is... SUE!!!!!! I have to admit, I'm so excited that Sue won, she was my FIRST regular player of this challenge, and has only missed a couple in all the weeks I've posted - I so appreciate Sue's support, friendship and amazing talent!! So YAY, it's so fitting that she won! Sue, send me an email and let me know if you want Wee Tees, or a different Gina K set, and I'll get it ordered for you asap!

The other part of my anniversary challenge was to guess how many of the outfits in my mini scrapbook had been featured during past challenges. The correct number was SEVEN (months 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11), which several people guessed - and the name I pulled out was LAURA E!! Yay little sister!! I know your address. :-)

And finally, I picked my favorite cards from each week's submissions. For the anniversary challenge, I loved them all SO MUCH but my favorite of them all was Maria! Her card is so cheerful and pretty, and she did such a great job with all that whitespace, despite her fear of it! :-)
For last week's challenge, again the cards were just wonderful (of course, as always!!) but my favorite was Sue! Yes, Sue again! What can I say, she ROCKS! Her fishy card is so stinkin' adorable!!
Maria & Sue, if you want to have my "I was featured" blinkie for your sidebar, let me know.

I was going to post this week's challenge in the next post, but I'm having lots of trouble with Blogger right now, it's not letting me insert any photos! I had wanted to add Maria's and Sue's cards up above. Grrr. So... guess it will be tomorrow morning for the next challenge, so sorry about that!!! (ETA: Got them inserted in this post... now off to write the new post...!!)

Thanks for playing and happy stamping!


  1. Yippee! I won something! Thanks sister!

  2. Thanks for loving my card ;) You know I love these challenges, it so fun!!!!

  3. testing a link to my creation; hoping I can do the html coding correctly ;-)

    My Creation>


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