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Saturday, July 11, 2009

FCD Design Team Call!!

So I bet those of you who've never been on a design team are under the false impression that the greatest thing about it is the free stamps. I suppose I can see how you'd think that. But I'm here to tell you... if you play your cards** right... you can get oh so much *more* out of it! Here my friends, I present to you, the greatest perk I've ever seen from being on a design team... SECRET GERMAN SPICES!! I've made many a batch of cucumbers with sour cream in my day, but never ever have they turned out so incredibly scrumptious as when I had Secret German Spices to add to the bowl. And this wonderful dinner happened to me all because I got brave enough to submit my application to be on the FireCracker Designs by Pamela design team last summer! Now I'm not here to mislead you... if you join Pamela's team, chances are you'll *only* get the free stamps. She can't give spices to EVERYONE, then they wouldn't be so secret anymore, now would they!? But, if you feel lucky, I urge you to visit Pamela's blog post, read all the rules and requirements, carefully consider whether you are able to make the commitment, and get your application submitted ASAP! You will not regret it, I promise you! Oh. And there's the fact that Pamela happens to be one of the nicest ladies on the planet. And that her stamps are fabulous. But all of that simply PALES in comparison to just the slightest possibility of receiving Secret German Spices. Now go... create... submit... join a design team! I know you can do it! :-)

** pun intended! :-)


  1. tee hee! you are a RIOT Libby!! I'm so glad I was able to make your dinner a little bit more special with those 'secret' German spices....grin
    Thanks so much for being a part of my team!

  2. THIS is the best Design Team Call post I've EVER read! Totally cracked me up! A genuine LOL! If I weren't so crazy busy as it is, you might have persuaded me!!! And man, those sure look good -- I've NEVER heard of cucumbers & sour cream. Sounds like something I could find in FRANKENMUTH, however, where I'll be headed next week... :)

  3. Libby girl, you crack me up! What a great design team call. I've never seen another one like it ever! I think you need to share your secret German spices with us at the next get together. You've go my mouth watering. LOL

    Hugs, Becky


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