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Saturday, July 4, 2009

From Courtney's Closet #46 - Roundup!

Well I've done it again - went an entire week without anything new on the ol' blog, and let Thursday blow by without a summary of last week's From Courtney's Closet challenge, or a new card! *sigh* But you know how it goes in the summer, right? We've had my mom visiting from Michigan, Carter finishing up his preschool year, Joel traveling, etc etc etc - makes me spend less time in the stamp room and more time doing other stuff. Hopefully I can get back into the stamping groove this week!! I have a new card to show you in a minute, but first I wanted to post the summary from last week. Three wonderful ladies took my challenge to make a card inspired by this outfit Courtney has on. Turns out that top was tougher than I realized!! It looks so cute on her, I didn't think about it perhaps being a challenging color combo or pattern. :-) But as I said, three brave souls did make cards, and all three are FABULOUS!! First up - sweet Sue, who has been working her heiny off in cherry land, but still managed to find the energy to squeeze some punches and make this beautiful card! Thanks so much for playing Sue, I know how it is to be too tired to stamp and I'm honored you took the time to make a card for my challenge!!Next is Caryl - first I just have to tell you, I love her profile pic! She looks like such a fun person with that big laugh on her face!! And her card is so cute, I love the teapot and cups. She was going from memory of the outfit when she made this, and thought she remembered purple in the shirt - which really isn't a stretch at all since I *love* purple!! Anyway her card turned out fabulous, and the flower background is such a great fit for the outfit, even with the purple! :-)And finally - my favorite for the week - Kathryn!! Kathryn went on a challenge-playing spurt in this post, and I'm so thrilled that mine was one she made a card for! And her card is so pretty - I just love the background paper she chose, and that big flower is gorgeous, plus the sentiment - so lovely! Her card is a perfect match to Courtney's shirt. Nice job, Kathryn!! Let me know if you want the little featured button for your sidebar. :-)Thanks ladies for playing along, I soooooo appreciate it!!!


  1. Courtney looks so darling in that dress, and your card is *perfect*!!

  2. WOW - Thanks so much for picking my card !! I'm so excited -- I would be HONORED to have the button for my blog!!

    THanks again!

    Kathryn Heflin

  3. What a precious look on Courtney's face as she hugs her bunny or is it a Teddy! Regardless it looks so well loved.


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