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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in review...

2009 was a wonderful year of kids growing older and memories being made. As we enter the new year I thought I'd take a moment and reflect on a few of the things that the previous year has meant to us...

An Inauguration celebrated in icing.A baby girl turning one.First steps.First attempts at art.A lot of mommy's time spent here.A celebrity (chef) encounter!A brother and sister having fun times together, sometimes.And other times, not so much.Springtime traditions.A family vacation to California.Spending time with family in Michigan.The loss of a friend.A boy with a blankie.And a girl with her bunny.A day out with a favorite engine...And a costume to match.Meeting a sweet new baby cousin.Indoctrination.Happy Christmas memories.And a big boy turning four.Happy New Year! May 2010 bring you many treasured memories of your own!


  1. What a great family album...TFS! I have to tell you my oldest is 32 and still keeps her blankey in her nightstand....The best to you in 2010!!

  2. SO cute! What a nice review Libby!

  3. It's been quite a year, huh? Loved reading your review, Libby!

  4. Sweet pictures, Libby. Now we may not see eye to eye on the political front, but the real issue here is... well... my hubby got his masters from that university in Ann Arbor. Yeah you know the one. And it's not Michigan State! lol My oldest son was actually born on the UM campus!

    Totally enjoyed your 2009 photos. TFS

  5. awwww, so sweet, the kids are growing before my eyes!

  6. Is that Tyler Florence from the FN? How awesome! I love that channel whenever I get a chance to sit down and watch, and I'm lovin' the Thomas and Friends real train...gotta find one of those places for my son...he would love that!


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