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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One Last Snowglobe Before Retirement...

Ok so I promise you this will be my final snowglobe before going into retirement. Well, at least until next fall, I make no promises about what will happen then. Well ok, I make no promises about what will happen in the next couple months either, because I just had a sudden flash of a cute Valentine's snowglobe idea... hmm... LOL! But I digress... I'm here to show you one last snowglobe for this particular holiday season because a) I was dying to use this ADORABLE snow shepherd from FireCracker Designs by Pamela and b) I want to show you an alternate, EASIER way of putting together a snowglobe than what I shared on Splitcoast during my tutorial. No, OF COURSE I didn't think of the easier method BEFORE writing up the tutorial. I wish I had!! I realized it after the fact, and only because my dear little Courtney bug had gotten ahold of one of my snowglobe cards and totally pulled it apart. Sooooo as I was figuring out how I would repair that particular card I had a bit of an ah-ha moment! And I'm sure some of you smarter-than-me stampers out there already figured this out on your own, long ago! But here goes my new explanation...

First, go and start reading along with my tutorial on Splitcoast. But when you get to Step 6, here's the first change. Don't worry about that little flap I am telling you to make. And, you can use a smaller piece of cardstock - it will definitely fit on a quarter sheet of 8.5x11, rather than needing to be 6" on one side. Just trace around the front of the snowglobe on an unfolded quarter sheet in Step 7 & then cut out in Step 8 without creating any little flaps.

The next major change is in Step 9. Instead of creating your little snowdrift on a single layer of white scrap cardstock, you will do it on a folded over piece of paper:So when you cut it out, you will have this:In Step 10, instead of attaching the front to the little flap, you just use your folded snowdrift piece to attach them, like this:And you can skip that troublesome Step 11 altogether! :-) Voila, pretty cool, aye!?? :-) Then you just decorate as you wish and end up with a slightly easier to make, slightly sturdier little snowglobe!

Now before I go, I want to tell you about some things going on over at Pamela's site, while I make you ooh and aah with a couple more details from my card (HA HA!). First of all, even though Pamela is a stamp company owner and people like me tend to think of people like her as being goddesses - it turns out she's actually just a regular boring ol' wife & mom, and has many things to do to get ready for the holidays and, get this, actually likes to SPEND the holidays with her family! So in light of all that, she's shutting down the store for the holidays. What does this mean for you? Well, when you see this post and decide you MUST have the Shepherd Snow Family (among other things), you will need to rush IMMEDIATELY to the store and order it because TODAY (Tuesday December 15) IS THE LAST DAY SHE IS SHIPPING ORDERS UNTIL AFTER JAN 4!! But if you do place an order during shutdown, that's ok - she WILL get it - it just won't be filled in her usual superduperlighteningquick manner. And by the way, this doesn't apply to her Digital Designs - they will go out to you automatically when you order them. Ok got all that? Well here's something else that you need to rush over and check out - she's having an INVENTORY BLOWOUT SALE! It's a progressive sale, with the discount getting larger each week until all supplies are GONE. She's already to 50% off!! Check out the details on her blog here and check out the sale items here!! (Hint: Flower Soft at $3 each?!?) And finally, guess what - she now does gift certificates! WOOT!

Ok now I'm tired after typing all of that and must sleep - thanks for stopping by today! :-)


  1. That's really adorable!!! I am hoping to get some made as mini gift tags...we'll see...LOL

  2. ok, so how brilliant is that to make the snow drift the folded piece? lol.....wonderful Libby! and thanks for the fun write up!!lol
    See you in Jan!!

  3. Much easier! Thanks for the update!

  4. I love snow globes and have enjoyed looking at all of them. Just adorable.

  5. Libby, before you retire from being the "Snow Glove Queen" What are the dimentions of the mini snowglobes? I also wanted to say I love the new way much better.

  6. I love your snow globes. I'm new to your blog, so I went back and looked at some other of your entries and I would love an updated tutorial on how to make snowglobes. I like your style of work too.


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