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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fun in Atlanta!

This weekend was a big deal for me. First time I was an entire plane-ride away from my sweetpeas, and first time when I was away they were staying with someone other than Daddy (bc he was with ME!). We were in Atlanta. Hello Atlanta!

On Friday we went to my husband's company party, which was the main purpose of the trip. It was lots of fun, but really you all aren't interested in that. The FUN thing from a stampy perspective was on Saturday, when I got to meet three of my long-time stampy blogging friends in person for the first time! YAY!!! We met for a delicious lunch of Cuban sandwiches and chatted away like we had known each other for years. Because, well, we have! :-) Here I am with Jacki Jones, Kim Howard and Colleen Schaan! YAY YAY YAY!!

They were all just as kind and fun and sweet and smart and wonderful as I knew they would be. After lunch I got to go on a little tour of Georgia-based stamp rooms! First up was Jacki's - you know, the Card Castle! Jacki is a girl after my own heart, her room was filled with purple! And I got to see examples of her gorgeous pencil coloring skills all over the place.

She had drawer after drawer of wood mounted stamps, but these made me smile the most!

Entire drawers dedicated to caffeine and chocolate? Jacki rocks. :-)

Next I got to see Colleen's BEAUTIFUL new studio! Oh my word it is pretty and neat and organized. I asked Colleen if I could just sleep there on the floor. She's so sweet I think she would have let me.

It was so much fun meeting these girls. I've known Colleen just about as long as I've been blogging, and we were on the Hambo Stamps design team together for a while. I think I got to know Jacki because of our mutual love of Hambo as well! And Kim - I think we just stumbled onto each other's blogs at some point, but I got to know her a little better thanks to Facebook! I'm so happy that I finally got to meet these three ladies in person. I've decided that spending time with old stamping friends is good for the soul. :-)

Another thing that's good for the soul is going out for amazing, kid-free dinners with your husband! We went to a really great place called The Iberian Pig in Decatur, just east of downtown Atlanta. We enjoyed good drinks, yummy tapas and delicious dessert. Yumminess!

The entire weekend just made me smile.

Have a great week!


  1. Looks like a fun time was had by all! Thanks for sharing your fun, Libby!

  2. It looks like you guys had a great weekend. BTW, that craft studio is bigger than my condo. ;/

  3. I'm jealous of everything, from the food to meeting stamping friends, to having date time with the hubby. (Mine, not yours!) I'm glad you had a fun time. Next stop on the tour -- Richmond, okay??

  4. Libby: It was fantastic meeting you & Joel as well and well...I wish I was there for the tours, but had to attend a football game in which my son rocked the field!!! Tell Joel I was mistaken-we started football at 5. (but it was tackle, full pads)

    Glad you had a fabulous time out here and a great date night. Hope that you all will get out here again soon and we'll definitely have to get out families together if you do.

  5. Super fun Libby! So glad you are having some fun and joyful relaxation! Always great to hang out with stamping friends!

  6. Thank U Libby for sharing your super FUN Atlanta weekend with us! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the photos and hearing all about it! Good times! :)

  7. Looks like you had so much fun!
    Thanks for sharing your pics! :)

  8. Thank you for sharing this with us Libby, I am so jealous that you got to be with some stampy friends, but happy for you too...Also have to say you Brave Girl, so proud of you for traveling once again :)

  9. Wow Libby, it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Thanks for sharing your adventure - loved seeing all the photos and hearing all about it!

  10. Yay for you! :)So fun that you could meet up with stamping blog friends! Looks like you had a good time with your hubby too. :)

  11. Wow I want her studio!! So jealous! :) :) :) :) :) Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!! :) :) :) :) :)

  12. Looks like the perfect weekend!!!! I'm so jealous you were able to meet all these crafty ladies and they were able to meet you!

  13. Jealous! How fun! Love Colleen's room...that is insane!

  14. Wow, looks like a great weekend! Love the picture of all you girls :) Jacki's drawers dedicated to chocolate and caffeine totally cracked me, ha ha ha! I already knew she loved purple :) Colleen's room is just gorgeous, wow! So glad you and J got to have a date night -- good photo of you two! And the coffeecake? YUM!


  15. Great photos of fantastic rooms. It's good to get away from the kidlets and play grown-up once in a while.


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