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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What's Cookin' Wednesday!

Hello hello! Do you remember last Wednesday, I introduced this new feature and told you about my spaghetti pie entry into a Hatch chile recipe contest at my local Whole Foods Market? Well guess what... I WON!!!! Woohoo!! Happy dance!!! I'm so very excited! But I have to admit, it wasn't truly a recipe contest. It's not like anyone taste-tested my recipe against the others and decided mine was the yummiest. I was just the luckiest as far as getting people to vote for me via "retweet" on Twitter. So - if you're one of those kind people that did vote, I thank you! But even if that's the way the contest worked, I will admit - my recipe *IS* super duper yummy! :-) Did anyone try it??

Today I thought I'd share with you the other yummy recipes in the Whole Foods contest! They all sound fantastic, and I'm especially impressed by the ones who thought to make a dessert with the chiles! So cool! Here's the list:

- Hatchorizo Pizza by @Sir_mXe, recipe and photo
Hatch & Butternut Donut Holes w/ Hatch Drinking Chocolate by @sawiff, recipe and photo
I SCREAM (with delight) SANDWICH by @rachellenaustin, recipe and photo
Lobster, Bacon, Hatch, Fontina by @baconator, recipe and photo
Hatch Chile & Roasted Corn Polenta Cups w/ Goat Cheese & Maple Bacon by @natanyap, recipe and photo
Hatch Green Chile Apple Pie by @madisoncraig, recipe and photo
Enchiladas Veracruzanas w/ Hatch Tomatillo Salsa and Grilled Sirloin by @maxparfait, recipe and photo
Shrimp Cocktail Stuffed Avocados by @jessesco, recipe and photo
Gluten Free Sweet Potato Biscuit w/ Goat Cheese & Hatch Chile Jelly by @jennahiller, recipe and photo
Hot & Boozy Hatch Bread Pudding by @cmvara, recipe and photo
Panko Crusted, Hatch Chile Infused Chicken by @BostonGarden, recipe and photo
Healthy Southwestern Eggrolls by @AustinDirtyDog, recipe and photo
Hatch Chile BBQ Sloppy Joes by @Recessionrecipe, recipe and photo

And of course mine:
- Smoky Spicy Cheesy Yummy Hatch Spaghetti Pie by @stampinlibby, recipe and photo

I hope to make my way through the list and try them ALL, but I started with @AustinDirtyDog, aka Blair, and her Healthy Southwestern Eggrolls. Thanks to this contest, I've got to chat with Blair on Twitter and I like her - she's fun and just really nice. She owns a local Austin business - Dirty Dog Self-Serve Dogwash - if you're in the area, get yourself a clean puppy!!

I love the idea of these eggrolls! I never think of making eggrolls, and they are so easy! And this recipe helped me see you can fill them with whatever you like, and then bake them in the oven - no need to deepfry! My husband is a picky eater so he wouldn't care for the beans & corn she included (but I do, yum!) so I think I'll make these again for dinner sometime and maybe use hamburger, mushrooms, onion, cilantro, etc. This recipe is a great base to get your imagination going in the kitchen!

Rolling eggrolls may seem tricky, but it's super easy - just like rolling a burrito. Just start with a little filling in the center:

Fold up the bottom:

Fold in the two sides:

And sort of roll it over to finish it, placing the seam on the bottom. Mine doesn't look perfect. It looks homemade. :-)

Here's the lot of them on my baking sheet, ready to go into the oven! (Note to self: get a nice, new baking sheet if you're going to display photos of your cookware on your blog! Eek!)

And the finished product, yum!

I had some extra "dip" and used it for quesadilla filling the next day, along with some cheddar. Super yummy. Thanks for the great recipe, @AustinDirtyDog!

Until next time,


  1. Big congrats again Libby! I have all the ingredients for your recipe except the Hatch chiles - can't get them anywhere. So I'll have to try it with another type of chilli pepper. Blair's dish looks yummy! I had a look at the other recipes and the desserts in particular have me intrigued!

  2. Slurp-a-yummy! Those look scrumptious, Libby! They remind me of the southwestern egg rolls from Chili's (which I love), but these are healthier (which I love MORE!).

  3. OK so WHAT IS A HATCH CHILI??? is it a Texas Thang???? I am NOT an organic type-o girl I like my food greasy and totally deep fried... BUT as I get older it is NOT liking me... refer back to the dog having eaten some taco tater tot casserole comment from the release party!!!!... LOL

    I am gonna have to try this and figure out just WHERE to buy those egg roll rollers.... I live in a "hick-ish" type area so I may have to go North (young man) to get groceries...

  4. Congrats on you big win, Libby! So very happy for you! I'm going to have to give your recipe a try (and maybe some of the other ones too).... though I'm not sure if I've ever seen hatch chilis here...


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