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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's Cookin' Wednesday - a winner and a repeat

Hi there! I'd like to send a great big thanks to those of you who shared your crockpot recipes with me last week - YUM!! I'll definitely be trying them all! As for the stamp giveaway, it goes to lucky number 8 - and the 8th recipe was Kelli:

I am IN LOVE with EASY Crockpot recipes... and this one... there aint none simpler...

Take a roast throw it in the pot, add a full jar (juice and all) of sliced Peppercini's and add enough water to get the crock 1/3 full, turn on high for 8 hours, serve on a hoagie bun... it's called Italian Beef and Kate (Celestial_Stamper) gave me this recipe... Family LOOOOOOVES it...


Yummy, thanks Kelli! Email me your address and I'll get that stamp right out to you!

As I mentioned yesterday, I had carpal tunnel surgery. It went quite well - 24hrs later I can even type with that hand, wow! But, I shouldn't type TOO much so I'm going to repost a recipe I had on my short-lived food blog. Hope you like it! And thanks a bunch for the get well wishes yesterday, xoxo!
Nutty Pasta!

Today's recipe is my version of something I saw on French Food at Home on the Cooking Channel. I didn't have all the ingredients she used, so I made it work with what was in my pantry. And I'd say it worked quite well!

This recipe couldn't be easier! All I did was boil up some spaghetti as usual - I always salt my cooking water. Then while that was going, I put 3 oz sliced almonds, 3 oz pecans and a handful of Italian parsley into the food processor. I whizzed it up until it was a fine, chunky blend - like this:

I put the mixture into a large pasta bowl, added the spaghetti, added a few glugs of good extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with some salt & pepper. Mixed it up well and then added fresh parmesan once it was on the plate. Yummy! One thing the original recipe had was a bit of orange zest at the end - I think orange, or a little lemon, would add an extra bit of brightness to the dish. When I make it again hopefully I'll have some citrus in the house to try it!

My kids don't love nuts, but this was a good, easily adaptable dinner - I just pulled out some of the spaghetti for them to serve with butter & parmesan, and made the rest nutty & delicious for mommy and daddy.


  1. WAHOO!!!! Serious??? OMG HOW COOL!!!!! I'll find your email Libby and YAY ME!!!! LOL

    It really IS a SUPER Delish and EASY recipe!!! I'm gonna try yours tonight... Looks REAL easy too!!!! I'll play with DH's new "NINJA" LOL HE LOOOOVES that thing!!!! ;)

  2. holy cow?! You blog cards AND food and I'm NOW just aware of this? HELLO friend! I am a follower for life now, LOL! Hope your hand is healing and so glad we 'found' each other on the tweetie bird! xoxo


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