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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 365-ish

So a lot of the Stampy Stampertons are doing this thing where you take a photo every single day for a year and share it and call it Project 365. In theory, I love the idea. In reality, it just ain't gonna happen around here. Sooooo... I've decided to attempt my own little project. I'm going to take photos when I think of it, and if there's anything halfway interesting from the week I'll post a summary on Sunday. Mostly for family to see what we're doing, but I'm going to force it upon you stamping friends as well. ;) And, mine will be called Project 365-ish. :-)

For this first post, I'm cheating slightly and dipping back into the tail end of 2010, just because we did a couple fun things before the year came to a close! First up, bowling with Grammy & Papa!

Courtney had fun pushing the ball down the ramp - and she was quite the fashion queen of the bowling alley!

During the day on New Year's Eve, we went on a little adventure down to San Marcos, TX and visited Aquarena Springs in one of their glass-bottom boats!

This is a photo of the springs bubbling up on the bottom of the lake.

I had to include this one - a rare one of ME, who's usually the one taking the photos rather than appearing in them...

We spent New Year's Eve at my house, playing games and eating top-your-own pizzas. Good times!

A favorite activity around here since Christmas (when Santa brought Daddy a new GPS!) has been geocaching. Daddy and Carter have found tons of "treasures" already. Carter is quite good at spotting the caches!

Here's a fun day at a park - happy kids!

Some of you know how I feel about cycling - of course I had to make the family pose on this one!

And finally, a trip to Sea World with Grammy, Papa, Aunt Laura, Uncle Brad and Morgan before the grandparents had to head back to Michigan.

The kids loved the Sesame Street show! They got to go right up to the stage and shake hands with several characters, including Ernie!

Courtney found her good friend Zoe painted on a fence & had to pose for a photo...

And finally, a tired family after a fun day at Sea World!

So that's it for my first Project 365-ish post! Fingers crossed this will be a Sunday tradition this year. And more importantly, that I remember to TAKE photos during the week!!

I'll be back tomorrow with a card, until then - happy stamping!


  1. Loved getting to see your family, Libby! Great pics and fun times!!

  2. Such fun pics, Libby! Looks like lots of fun was had!

  3. Great pictures,'re gonna look back on these and wonder where the time went. Enjoy them while they're young!

  4. I saw the 365 idea a while ago and even though it sounded like a great idea I knew I'd never manage it or even 365-ish! Loved seeing all the photos, Libby - looks like you all had lots of fun!

  5. THANKS for sharing your wonderful family pics...fantastic idea!!!!

  6. Love the fun photos, Libby! Thanks for sharing your part of world with us!

  7. Hi Libby. What a fun project but a huge committment! I think I could do the 52 weeks one...maybe LOL! fun pics!

  8. These are neat! Love seeing your family. I am doing something kinda similar - but mine is called 100 Joys. I do one with every card post!

  9. I finally got to go geocaching just this past summer, I love it!

    Good luck on your 365ish challenge! I know I can't take photos every day, I tried a month once and by the end of the 3rd week I was already freaking out about having nothing to take pictures of!


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