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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our Valentine's Day

I know you are all done with Valentine's Day, but I had to do just one more Valentine's post! Just a quick little summary of our family celebration. First of all, I have to say that playing along in a big blog hop on Valentine's was SO MUCH FUN!! Thank you for all the sweet, sweet comments, wowza!! What a way to spend the day! Thanks again to Taylor for letting me join in on that!!

As for the rest of the day, well, of course I had to make some little cards for my little sweeties. I kept them quick & easy. First, an MFT Pure Innocence Princess for my little princess...

And an MFT Pure Innocence Super Boy for my super son.

I have to say though, this card was NOT a hit with my 5yr old. "That's a baby card!!" Apparently Carter was not a fan of this image and it made him have a bit of a tantrum. Because it was too baby-ish. Ironic, isn't it? And very pleasant. Made mama feel real good. But anyway, moving on...

In the afternoon, Courtney and I worked on some treats for dessert. I made some chocolate covered strawberries, and I let her dip a few marshmallows in the chocolate and cover them with sprinkles. She loved this! Thanks to Amanda for the idea!

Dinner was heart-shaped pizzas! This was very easy to do - just a matter of cutting out the heart shapes from the rolled out dough. The kids loved these too!

And for me, some really pretty tulips. Yay!

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  1. I love your Valentine cards, they're precious, as are your children! Just wait 'til you bring out that card and tell the story when your son is 21!! I enjoyed your post so much today Libby!!

  2. Love all the sparkle on the card for Courtney. Sounds like ya'll had a fun day!

  3. What a great post, Libby! Loved seeing the love going back and forth!!

  4. Cute cards! Sorry your little fella wasn't so happy!

  5. LOVE the pizza, and the dessert talk...but now I want some!!! SUPER cute cards, no matter what Carter thinks!

  6. These are adorable, and that is funny about your son! He actually reminds me more of Caillou on PBS Kids! Cute!

  7. HOW cute are your kids:) LOVE that your daughter is still in a princess outfit! Love that your son is hiding behind that heart pizza;) MMMMMM--what a cute idea for a fun VDay snack or meal:)

  8. Libby - You are such an incredible Mom! Whether Carter likes the card today or not, they'll never forget all these sweet touches. I, on the other hand LOVE them!

  9. Adorable cards and what a fun way to spend Valentine's Day! Now I'm craving pizza and chocolate!


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