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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Project 365-ish: Week 6

We didn't have any grand adventures this week, but I still managed to snap a lot of photos! Just some more of our day to day happenings...

First, our only adventure outside the house - Courtney had her usual ballet class on Tuesday. She was soooo excited to wear the new purple leotard she got for her birthday from Aunt Laura, and especially the black tights - since they are just like the black tights her teacher, Ms. Jessica, wears!

She may look like a sweet princess ballerina in the photos, but boy has she been cranky lately! It looks like her gum is really swollen in the back, so I think she may have a tooth coming in. Here's hoping she's more cheerful once it pops through. And in the meantime, I'm very thankful for things like unexpected chair naps...

Carter likes to draw pictures and mail them to his friends. Here he's starting to work on one...

On Wednesday it was cold again and we had a chance of ice, but thankfully the roads were fine. We did get a couple little icicles though!

By Thursday the kids were outside playing once more. "Mommy I'm a garden girl!"

We strung up some bats in the Batcave, aka Carter's bedroom. Once again thanks to Aunt Laura for doing the ladder work - she's a superhero! And thanks to my Silhouette - makes cutting out a dozen bats so much easier! :-)

Carter likes spending time on the computer - it's only a matter of time before he knows how to do more than I do! (and see where I leave my cards after I blog them...)

Here's what I know how to do best - create a ginormous craftastrophe all over my desk! Yikes!!

"Mommy, me and my dolly and me are beautiful princesses!" (yes, that's how she said it!)

Uncle Jon came over for dinner on Thursday while Daddy was on a business trip up to Dallas. He helped Carter with some counting-by-tens homework. Carter was thrilled that I wanted a photo of it...

And here's Courtney, eating her breakfast. Yes, always a princess!

Until next week...


  1. cute pics this week, but Carter has to be the star with that funny face!

  2. Another great week of photos, Libby! Carter and Courtney are so cute and look like lots of fun! Looks like you've been crafting up a storm, though my desk looks like that even when I only make one card!


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