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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ah-aaaaaaaaaah! Survivor time!

Today I'm doing something I've never done before in the history of me blogging. I'm reposting an old card! Just because I love it so. And because tonight is my favorite night of the week - SURVIVOR NIGHT!!

How awesome is that?? Monica, owner of Hambo Stamps, shares my passion for Survivor, so she released these fabby stamps a while back. LOVE!

I am loving this season, even though the two tribal councils so far were a bit surprising! Well, maybe that's why I'm loving it - I hate it when it's predictable! The best part of this season? The return of two of the all-time best villians!

Although I gotta say, I don't consider Boston Rob a villian anymore. It's funny, the first season he was on, I HATED HIM. But now I'm totally rooting for him. GO BOSTON ROB!! But Russell. Well. I loved Russell the first season he was on bc he was an all new form of crazy villian. Now I think he's just sort of a bully. Blah.

Don't you just love hearing this music?? hee hee

Yah, I know a lot of you reading this probably think I'm a bit crazy. But this is one of the only shows I watch, and I've been an addict going all the way back to 2000 with Survivor: Borneo! I love me some Survivor!!

Happy Wednesday,

PS... A new Hambo Hoedown started today! There's a FUN new twist - the chance to be a guest designer!! Check it out!


  1. Super clever card - love the tikis!

  2. Fab card! I love me some Survivor too! :)

  3. I'm not a Survivor fan, but I completely understand how these shows can get you hooked! I love to watch the one where teams race around the world. Your card is a great representation of the show!

  4. What a fun card, Libby! I'm not a "Survivor" follower but I can feel the tribal vibes...

  5. I LOVED it before, and I LOVE it still! I'm counting down the minutes (68 as of right now!) until the next episode is on. Anxious to see what Redemption Island is all about! Woohoo!!

  6. Amazing card! Love the sentiment too!

  7. too mom had to be gone tonight so she called so I would DVR it for her!!!

  8. I also love Survivor Libby! I have seen every show every season! And I am rooting for Boston Rob too! Russell - too cocky for me! One more thing ... great job on the card!

  9. Wonderful card, Libby! I don't think Survivor has been on in ages here but I love it!

  10. Survivor!? When Russell got voted out my daughter was so mad! She stomped out of the room and proclaimed she would watch no longer. It's a big hit at my house! Love *all* your cards.


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