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Monday, April 25, 2011

Project 365-ish: Week 16

Happy Easter if you celebrate Easter! We've had another fun week, with a few things going on - but I'm going to focus on our weekend with this post. We decided to take a little weekend trip to the Gulf - to say goodbye before we leave Texas. We spent the weekend in Corpus Christi, enjoying the ocean, the sea birds, the fish & chips...

We made the ~3.5hr drive over to Corpus after the kids got out of preschool on Friday. We didn't have time to do a whole lot once we got there that night, but we did go out for dinner - even at the restaurant, Courtney was ready to swim!

Next door to the restaurant we spied a comic book store - right away Carter noticed the neon signs and wondered what it was!

Carter couldn't believe there was so much superhero stuff all in one place!

After dinner we settled into the hotel, where the kids shared the sofa bed. They goofed around for quite a while, but in the end they settled down & slept - yay!

We began Saturday with a view of the USS Lexington, which is now a museum. We didn't visit but Carter thought it was pretty cool!

We did visit the aquarium, though!

At the aquarium, the kids enjoyed a dolphin show...

Touching stingrays...

And getting up close & personal with a sea turtle!

The aquarium was fun, but even better was the beach!!

Thankfully we avoided sharks. Mostly...

And before leaving, we hit the beach again in the early morning hours, this time combing the beach for shells...

Hurray for a fun weekend by the sea!


  1. Libby - your photos and children are precious!

  2. Oh what a fun weekend you must have had, Libby! Great post and photos!

  3. Very fun photos, what a lovely weekend you had, was Courtney afraid of the dolphins? She looked a little bit in the one photo. Your kids are growing up fast!

  4. Oh, how I wish we lived closer to the ocean! My kiddos would be in awe! These pics are precious... treasure for sure!


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