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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Farmers Market Fun

Wow I've completely fallen off the wagon when it comes to sharing family photos! Not that most of you stampy friends miss them much, but I'm sure my family isn't thrilled with my performance! Oops! I'll try to get back on the Project 365-ish schedule this weekend, but today I thought I'd share what we did today to "kick off" our Memorial Day weekend - a trip to the farmers market!

I asked Courtney this morning if she wanted braids in her hair. I meant two braids. She said "Yes, five braids! If Rapunzel saw me with five braids, she'd say 'Courtney that's so cool!'" So, alas, my sweet girl was sportin' the Bo Derek look at the market...

We were only a few stalls into the market when we came upon a sweet little petting zoo! The kids loooooved it. They got to pet ducklings...

And sweet little bunnies...

Courtney wasn't quite sure what to make of this painted dragon.

Ok, he was a nice lizard afterall.

Here Courtney has a turtle, and Carter has a CHINCHILLA! Very cool.

Once the petting was done, Mommy got to have her veggie fix. Oh how I love farmers markets! I can't help it, I have to show you a few gratuitous vegetable photos...

Carrots, "Yellow Taxi" tomatoes, and beets. Just lovely. I ended up buying lettuce, cucumbers and a couple of those yellow tomatoes to make a salad for dinner tonight. Plus two stalks of gorgeous green garlic - I'll be making a tasty stir fry tomorrow!

After the market, we went to the mall for a fun Lego store visit, then had a picnic with some cheese we bought at the market, among other things. Then Daddy and Carter kicked the soccer ball around a bit before heading home. A good start to the weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love your post today, Libby! There is nothing that says summer better than a farmer's market! Up here in Noah land we will have to wait until the ground is less soggy before much will grow :)))) Your children are adorable!

  2. Wonderful pictures of your cuties! Looks like a beautiful day and good start to the weekend. Love your vegetable pictures, they made my mouth water. Have a fun weekend!
    Pam (Pansy Cottage)

  3. WOW, your market is BIG! I'm glad someone else takes pics of veggies. ;/

    That petting zoo is adorable. Loved the "towels" in their laps. :) And I can see why there are only a few kids there at a time. OMG, the poor animals if there were any more!

    PS: I loved Courtney's braids!

  4. WOWZA! I love this post--it's so fun to see Farmer's Markets....and a petting zoo there!!!!!!! SO FUN! LOVE all the veggie photos! Looks like everyone had a great day:)

  5. Awww... looks like fun at the farmer's market! Thanks for sharing the pics! So cute how your son and daughter enjoyed the petting zoo!:-)

  6. So fun! Now that's something I would totally appreciate! I'm glad your kids enjoy the Farmer's boy would think it was the most boring thing on earth! Poor kid. Love your photos!

  7. Oh wow!! You have the most awesome places to go! LOVE the pictures. Your farmers mkt is definitely better than ours!

  8. Oh, such gorgeous pics! How fun for your kiddos to get to hold such a variety of different critters! And those veggies have me swooning! I cannot wait to see how my garden does!


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