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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Believe it.

Today I needed to revive my creative juices a little, and nothing is better at that for me than pulling out my art journal! I love playing with my paints. I never know what I'm going to end up with, I just go wherever it leads me. But I did have one thing in mind from the start - I was inspired by Steve Cummings' awesome win for Team MTN-Qhubeka on Stage 14 of the Tour de France!

Here's how my page came together:

I am so thrilled that Team MTN-Qhubeka won today. This is their first Tour de France - and they are the first African-based team to ever ride in the Tour. I mentioned them at the start of the Tour - they support bringing bikes to villages in Africa, which is so wonderful. The team wears black and white striped jerseys, so that's where I started with my background.

Not only did they win today - but they won on Mandela Day!! How absolutely perfect is that? I wanted to use a Nelson Mandela quote on my page, so I did a quick Google search and found this one. It just seemed all-around perfect - for Mandela Day, for MTN-Qhubeka winning the stage on Mandela Day, and for the Tour de France in general.

I loved today at the Tour.


  1. What a great journal page, and a great way to celebrate the African team's win!

  2. Wonderful Libby - the overall coherence of the page visually, as well as the theme and events. I hope your mojo has returned.

  3. Love this, Libby! I had no idea about this team, etc (don't hurt me -- but I'm not a big cycling fan), but wow -- what an inspiring story. I bet they would LOVE your interpretation of their victory!


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