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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tour de Craft Guest Designer - Leslie Hanna!

Today my friend Leslie Hanna is joining me as a Tour de Craft guest! Leslie is one of my best Twitter buddies. She's not really a Tour de France fan, but she kindly puts up with my obsessive tweets every July. And, she loves bikes! I told her today's Stage 8 is described as "hilly", and here's what the stage inspired...

I used to bike, like 30-45 miles at a pop, but I didn't do hills. So this whole "let's bike up some mean mountains" mentality is just more than my brain can handle.

I realized the card I had designed in my head was a large part of  the very cool video Libby posts each year to educate those of us who are largely TdF-ignorant, and it's totally worth the watch. I assure you it was pure accident that my card is so similar. Also, that's me at about 2:18 in the video.

Thank you, Libby, for inviting me to participate again this year. It's always fun to blow the dust off my bike stampy supplies and use them!

Thank you Leslie!! I love that her card is inspired by my favorite TDF video, subconsciously or not - her colorful little bikes taking on the hills are adorable! Be sure to visit Leslie's post today for more info about her card.

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. It's always an honor to participate! xo

  2. I did not know anything of substance about the tour de france, but I watched the video. How interesting. Thanks! And Leslie's card is adorable.

  3. What a fun card - and I can so relate to what Leslie said :-) - now.!! Once when I was a teen eons ago, I loved hills, especially going down as fast as I could handle!!


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