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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Way to go!

Sorry I was absent yesterday. It was a rest day at the Tour, so I also took a small rest. ;-) But today I'm back with some cows holding up a fancy, golden bike. Or are they pigs? It's really quite hard to tell.

I dug out an old Close to my Heart set from my stash for this one. They are pigs, but I colored them as cows. I'll tell you why below. And you guys!!! This is my first ever shaker card!!! I am so excited. I filled it with a beautiful sequin mix from sweet Lucy Abram's shop. That sentiment is from Hero Arts' Enjoy Today set - one of my favorite message sets!

As for the cow-pig-whatever-you-want-to-call-it... I was inspired to make this card after Sunday's team time trial. Team BMC rode to victory, and also retained their lead in the team classification. When they had their presentation on the podium, the hostesses gave them stuffed... somethings. I assumed they were cows, but my friend Leslie thought perhaps they could be pigs. I apologize for this poor quality photo, it's a phone pic of my tv, so, yah, not so good... but can you tell what they are??

So I made my card, and was getting ready to post it, when by some kind of miraculous coincidence, this tweet appeared in my Twitter timeline!!

They named him Moo. The Great TDF Mystery has been solved. Case closed! I know you all were worried.


  1. So very awesome - love the glittery bike!! Love your pigs turned cows too - so cute. :)

  2. HAHAHA! Pigs, cows, they are adorable. And nice first shaker card!

  3. Thank you for the cow/pig giggle. Loved your card, especially the wee golden bike. I have yet to make a shaker card :-)
    p.s. hope it doesn't take you as long to read this as it did for me to type it left handed!!


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