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Monday, September 3, 2007

Birthday RAKs!

I wanted to share some amazing birthday RAKs I received in the mail over the past couple weeks. I am SUCH a lucky girl!!! I loved each of these cards when I originally saw them on their respective blogs, and was THRILLED to find them in my own mailbox!!

The first was from Leslie. She originally posted this on her blog here. Her photo is better, so take a look! I just love this Cake Decorating 101 set from Flourishes, and this card is just beautiful (and YUMMY!) in real life. I love the silver embossing on the cake stand.

Next I had a BIG surprise from Rose Ann. Not only did she send me this GORGEOUS card (originally posted here) but she also sent me that Cake Decorating 101 set that I LOVE! Rose Ann is just the sweetest, I cannot believe her generosity! The other thing that made me super happy was that I got both Leslie's and Rose Ann's cards on the same day - what a glorious Infuse mail day!!

Finally, this ADORABLE card from Corie - I've loved these smile flower cards she's been posting on her blog, they are so happy and fun. Corie also included some stamped poinsettia images, I can't wait to play with those! (although I'm nervous, I often mess up when coloring and have to start over - well at least she sent two so I can hopefully not mess both up! LOL!)

Thank you ladies - this was such happy mail!!!!!


  1. I'm glad you had a happy birthday, Libby!!

  2. Hi Libby,
    I was reading about your dilema of having your ribbons unravel. Instead of using tape try using those straight pins with the little beads on the end. It's a little trick I learned at stamp camp. No sticky tape!!! and much easier to use.


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