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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Ok I added that little baby widget thing on the sidebar a while ago - and everytime I see it now it totally freaks me out!! *23* days to go!?!?! That's not very many days. STAY IN THERE BABY!! I'm not ready!!!

I have so much to do in the next 23 days. Yikes.

Sorry it's been a while without a card again - I've been in mass-production mode, making those Minnie thank yous and also my son's thank yous, but I can't post those just yet because some recipients actually look at this blog (and I haven't finished/mailed them yet!). Turns out doing sewing on both of these mass-production cards was not my brightest idea - yikes! Especially Carter's card - you'll see why soon. :-) I do have a couple other cards I need to make this weekend as well, so hopefully I'll have some new blog-fodder soon!!

And I have BIG PLANS on Friday!!! Spending the entire day (hired a babysitter and everything!) at ARCHIVERS, and then staying for their evening crop as well!! Some "me time" before I have zero time for myself. In approximately 23 days from now...


  1. Okay, Diane was right all along, I am the evil sister. You're worried about having only 23 days and I've been sitting here hoping she comes on the 22nd or 25th! I just think it'd be cool if it was in that string of family events! I know I don't have time this weekend, but if I can do anything to help next week, please let me know!!

  2. To me it seems it's gone by sooo fast, (of course I'm not the uncomfortable one right now).

    Have a great time at Archivers!! It sounds like a lot of fun, and I'm over-due for a visit there myself. ;)

  3. Archivers sounds like a great diversion long about now! Enjoy your day and don't forget to tell us about it afterwards!


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