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Friday, May 30, 2008

Dragon birthday

Sorry if you were hoping for a From Courtney's Closet card this week - I had some other stamping commitments to get done in the little time I had, so it wasn't happening. But I do hope to be back at it next week! Courtney has a bunch of outfits I'd still like to use as inspiration, and she's quickly outgrowing them! (Yes I am still stuffing my almost four month old chunky girl into some 3M clothes!)

Today was my BIL's birthday - Happy Birthday Brad! Here's the card I made for him - he likes dragons so I had to order this Elzybell UK image just to make his birthday card! This stamp is huge - the card ended up 6x6"! Well, even bigger, actually, if you count the sentiment hanging over the edge - since I didn't have a 6" square envelope anyway, I figured why not make it hang over? So Brad got his card "wrapped" in a brown paper lunchbag. He's a guy - I'm sure he didn't care about that detail (or lack of attention to that detail, I should say!). This image was a lot of fun to color with my Copics!! I love the UK images - I wish the North America ones were as large. I won't be ordering any more from the UK though - I ordered this and another stamp a while back, and it cost a small fortune. But I love the stamps soooo much, maybe it was worth it? Since this was a card for Brad, I felt compelled to use a ton of brads - LOL. Brad (the person, not the embellishment) commented that this was a very HEAVY birthday card. :-)

I have to tell you about the day Carter had - because it was a good one! First of all he got to play with his sweet friend Rachel, which is always a good thing. Then we went to dinner at this BBQ place that is on a river (The County Line - for those of you in Austin who are curious) - and there were about a gazillion turtles in the water!! Uncle Brad was super cool and bought some turtle food for Carter to throw to them (which I guess is why there are a gazillion - they encourage you to feed them!) so that was lots of fun. Then Carter got to have some ice cream after his dinner, which isn't something he gets very often. Then on the drive home, he started up his usual chant that I hear every time we're in the car these days - "wanna see firetrucks wanna see firetrucks wanna see firetrucks..." - his main obsession is Thomas of course, but his "real life" obsession - I'm calling it that since we don't see trains on a daily basis - is firetrucks. He loooooves them! There is a fire station right around the corner from our house, so every time we're in the car he wants to drive by and see if they are "awake". When the fire station door is open and you can see the firetruck, they are "awake" - but if the door is closed, the firetruck is "sleeping". Anyway - on the drive home I did a drive-by of a different station up the road from our house, and there was a fireman standing in the parking lot. He invited us to come inside the station to show Carter around!! He was so nice - Carter got to sit up in the truck, and put on the headphones they use to talk to each other when the siren is blaring, and he turned the lights on to show Carter, and let him push the button that opens & closes the door. He also gave him a bunch of stickers. It was so cool. But would you believe I didn't have my camera with me??? ACK! Well he told us to come back any time, so I think we will do it another time when Daddy is home, and bring the camera! It was already way past Carter's bedtime at this point, but I'm so glad we stopped - Carter loved it, and I'm sure he's happily dreaming about firetrucks in his bed as I type this! So fyi - as if firefighters aren't awesome enough for the job they do for all of us - they also take the time to give a little two year old a total thrill that he won't soon forget. Firemen rock!!! :-)


  1. I'm so sorry I missed the fire station part of the evening! I'm sure he loved it. Uncle Brad really enjoyed his birthday. I hope everyone else did as well.

  2. Yes, firemen do rock, they are all so sweet to kids!! Glad he had a great day. LOVE the dragon card, and I too wish the US Elzys were bigger!!

  3. Great story! Firemen Rock!

  4. Libby this is SO super sweet! I love your colouring and those flags are so incredible. Ultra adorable!!! :0)

  5. Love your dragon card! And the fireman story was wonderful. How fun for your Carter.

  6. I love your story!! It was awesome!!

    Your card is so adorable!! I love your coloring, cool sentiment, and your row of brads!!

  7. Love the card -- so adorable.

    and yes Firefighters ROCK, my hubby is one.

  8. Wow, this card is perfect for Brad! All of Brad's brads resemble armor--perfect, again! What a great day for Carter. My gosh, it couldn't have been any better!

  9. Terrific job on this the sentiment esp.!

    Great hockey tales. Although my Flames flickered out in this first round, I can get a kick out of your triple-overtime affliction!


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