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Monday, September 29, 2008

Chef Carter

I'm posting this just to remind myself how cute he can be. HE IS DRIVING ME BONKERS TODAY!! Boy is he Extremely Two lately. *sigh* Thank goodness for nap time or I may truly have gone insane today. He's very much into playing with pretend food lately - he doesn't really like to keep this hat and apron on, but he left it on yesterday long enough for me to snap this photo.

So this is funny... I've mentioned before he's a complete Thomas fanatic too. Lately he's been playing with his trains up on our breakfast table. Then he'll say "Thomas is being naughty" and put him in time out down on a chair. He does this with various trains as he's playing. Right now there are twelve trains sitting on the chair. Guess the trains were being as naughty as he was this morning!!

Fingers are crossed for a long nap today.........................!


  1. I so know how that is!!! Although Syd is almost 3 (in Jan.) she is still in the terrible 2's and she always puts her dolls in time out and tells me that they went "poo poo" and need their diapers changed.

    Oh, yes, they can be darling, but boy can they be a handful as well. Be thankful Carter still takes a nap, we are beyond those days already.

  2. ahhhh how cute is he?! Oh I remember those days well! So glad we all lived through it! LOL

  3. Life is so much more complicated when they stop taking naps! But he certainly IS cute in the apron & hat -- naughty or not. Hang in there! :)

  4. Hilarious picture!!!!

    I tagged you so you can spill even more secrets!!

    Check here:

  5. Oy, kids can drive you nuts, huh? I just starting working in a daycare so I know how it is. But of course Brady has his bad days.

    Carter is TOO cute in his chef outfit though.

  6. Oh is he adorable! I know how they can drive you nuts. . .but he's just SO CUTE! :)

  7. My son is also "very two" right now so I feel your pain!!! I'm not looking forward to the day he begins phasing out naps :(
    But aren't they cute!!!!

  8. Your little chef is so cute!! I hope he cooked you up something good!! ;)

  9. Oh, this is funny, Libby! He knows he's been naughty but, gosh, he's so darn cute!


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