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Friday, September 12, 2008

I Don't Like Ike!

My thoughts are with my fellow Texans tonight along the Gulf Coast... hopefully the forecasters are wrong, but WOW they are predicting a monster storm surge! I hope everyone there stays safe (or better yet, has left!), and if it is as bad as predicted, our country does not let them down. For those who were curious - I'm in Austin, which is quite far from the coast and perfectly safe. In fact, Austin is welcoming many evacuees from Galveston today. The wind advisories stop one county to the east of us, and unfortunately it doesn't even sound like we'll get much rain from the storm.


  1. Thanks for the update Libby, but I think we will all worry about you there until this passes. Please keep us posted!

  2. I was wondering how close you were. We in Michigan are to get the effects of it on Sunday night and will have flood watches. We had rain from the last hurricane too, which we very much needed. Its been reaining steady here since Friday morning, we need it bad! The Notre Dame/Michigan game is today at Notre Dame, which is about 12 miles from me, it will be a WET game!! Take care!!!

  3. I just came to your blog to see if you had in fact noted anything on Ike. Glad to hear you're okay! Looks really bad for the people on the coast. Like you, I hope everyone there will be safe and that the Gov't comes through.

  4. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I live on the west side of Houston in Katy. It was a scary night but we were lucky. We did get it as bad as the people in East Houston. We were not on the dirty side of the storm. But from what I experienced It was still very scary. Two of my boys slept through it and the other boy was up all night in my arms scared to death. My husband would have slept through but I got him up when the eye wall was coming in. I needed support. I was up listening to my weather radio to see where we were at in the storm. I am from Michigan and I am not used to this. SIx hours of pure wind and rain at 50 -75 mph hitting your house is just not normal. I am just glad it is over and we got our power back on this evening. Now we can start helping with the clean up and help pou neighbors to the south who lost their homes.

    Thanks again.
    Katy, TX


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