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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ok a few more photos...

(I'm rambling a lot today - don't forget to scroll down to my latest From Courtney's Closet post!) Ok I don't want you to think I never take photos of Carter anymore now that Courtney has become my #1 source of blog fodder...! Here's my cutie patootie big boy with his big boy haircut! Mommy does it herself with the clippers - not that Carter enjoys this process, but I hate paying $15+ for a kid's haircut! (I'd rather spend that on a new release at Verve or something!) I have to tell you how proud I am of Carter right now - right after our trip to Cape Cod, we decided to "get serious" about potty training. We put him in big boy underpants - he had a couple accidents - but that's pretty much it!! He took to it right away and was potty trained in about two days!! He's a potty champion. LOL. I mentioned last time that Carter isn't completely thrilled with his baby sister these days - but he does have some sweet moments with her. And the final photo was taken the afternoon I was trying to get these photos for the cupcake outfit FCC challenge - he had to eat his foot just like Courtney. :-) I really am amazed by Carter all the time (when he's not driving me bonkers acting like a total two year old) - it's amazing how much he's LEARNED and how much he's GROWN in such a relatively short amount of time on this planet. Just yesterday I had a moment of having to stop and think about how fast he's growing - we were at the park and he wanted a drink from the drinking fountain - I went over with him, thinking I'd have to pick him up to reach it, and push the button, and all that - and he did it all by himself. When did he get big enough to do that?? Ok enough reflecting - Little Miss Courtney wants my attention!


  1. Oh, oh, you are in trouble now, she looks she is going to get around pretty fast! They do grow up fast, don't they? I was glad to see Carter....he looks like he had fun, always smiling! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Adorable pictures Libby!! I can't believe what a big boy Carter is now!! Very handsome too!!

  3. Such sweet pictures. I especially love the one of the two of them interacting with each other.

  4. I can really see Carter taking on that big boy look now. I've always thought he was such a cute little guy! The photo of the two of them together is so sweet. Courtney looks completely smitten with her big brother. They'll always have a special bond. It's just wonderful watching them grow up here on your blog. I can't believe we've been visiting since before Courtney was even conceived! And, actually, it hasn't been really all that long since I discovered your blog. That tells you how fast they grow up. This documentation is going to mean so much to you someday so, please, for yourself at least, keep sharing your little sweethearts!


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