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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Can you say... OMG!!!!!!

I promised no more cycling, but I *had to* post a quick follow-up to my last post. I shared the blog link on Twitter and copied Cadel Evans... AND WOULD YOU LOOK WHAT HE SAID?!?!?! Somebody please pinch me.Ok, back tomorrow with more stamping, please carry on...


  1. That is SO COOL, Libby!! I am excited for you!!

  2. That's cool.

    I've decided I probably shouldn't comment after midnight anymore who knows what I'll say. So if I offend anyone last night, I' so sorry.

    But back to your post—really neat—I feel warm and fuzzy for you.

  3. You must be on cloud 9 !!! How cool is that !

  4. Holey Toledo...I would just pee my pants LOL (oh is that an x rated comment?) Yes, you are famous!

    Hey it was a 117° here yesterday and today is suppose to be hotter...maybe I was wishing I was in Texas!

    I told everyone at work about your famous tweet! Keep us fun! I am heading off to a mini vacation and not sure I will get to play FCCC this week...:(

  5. Very, very cool! I wonder if John Taylor twitters... LOL!

  6. I LOVED reading this - how cool is that? I love watching the Tour de France, but I'm a Lance Armstrong fan all the way. :D


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