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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Going under the knife...

Hi blogging friends! Just wanted to pop in and let you know that once again I'm missing my Texas Tuesday post! Ugh, boo me! But this time I have a fairly decent excuse. I'm spending this Texas Tuesday in a Texas hospital having carpal tunnel surgery on my left wrist. This also means I won't be posting on here much in the short term - I'm not sure how long exactly but at least for a bit - stamping and blogging are a little tough one-handed. At least for me. But the good news is - once the surgery is over and done with, I'll be able to stamp without my hand going numb! Woohoo!! Watch out stamping world, I'll eventually be back with a vengeance.... ;-)

So today, why don't you hop on over to Mark's blog - you know, the owner of Deadbeat Designs? He always posts something Texas-y. And while you're there check his sidebar for the Texas Tuesday team and visit my Texas friends. Make no mistake - I love Texas Tuesday and I'll be back at it soon! I've also had a couple requests to join us - OF COURSE you're welcome to - it's just been a lousy week with the surgery coming up and a nasty stomach virus making it's way through the family this past week. I'll catch up on emails real soon!

Happy Stamping,


  1. I hope the surgery goes well and you heal quickly.

  2. bummer. hope you don't end up on 20/20 - the victim of a mistaken amputation!

  3. Good luck Libby! Hope all goes well and you're back with us very soon. ~chris

  4. I had carpal tunnel surgery a couple of years ago and wondered why I waited so long. The recovery takes a little time but is well worth the end result.
    I look forward to your being back on Texas Tuesday real soon.

  5. Hi Libby! Sending good thoughts your way -- hope the surgery goes great and you have a speedy recovery! HUGS! :)

  6. Here's to a successful surgery and a quick recovery! :D MWAH!

  7. Best of luck with the surgery Libs. I had it back in 1988. Not too bad. I had the numbness and tingles in my fingers too. Needed both hands done. Only had the left done before we moved to Allen. Still need the right on done. Just have other irons in the fire atm. You take care! {HUGS}

  8. Glad to hear it went well, Libby! Hoping for a speedy recovery for you! Hugs!

  9. OK LMAO at Mark's Post!!!!!! Great to have friends right??? LOL

    Hugs and Prayers Libby


  10. Oh no! Libby! HUGS!!! I hope you feel good soon. Two kiddos, a husband, and what not with a bum wrist? OUCH! I know, with my ganglion cyst this summer. Hope your surgery goes as well as my book bashing did -- I'm as good as new now! :)

  11. Hope you're healing up well!! Sending hugs!


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