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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project 365-ish: Weeks 14 & 15

Today's family update post is lonnnnggggg. I didn't get a chance to do one last week, so this one includes two weeks of photos. I apologize to those of you on dial-up. ;-) Here we go...

First and foremost - our house is FINALLY officially for sale!

Now that we are DONE getting ready, there is more time for fun things! Plus, I am trying to keep the kids out of the house as much as possible, to reduce the amount of cleaning required for each showing. :-)

A favorite place to spend our time is the community pool. It's nice that we can go to the pool in April - but it's still a bit chilly when we get out!

This isn't Courtney heading to the pool - this is Courtney heading home from Target! We decided we needed some goggles, arm floaties and kickboards, and Courtney was so excited she had to put them on in the car!

We've spent time at the library, where we had a bit of a milestone - Carter is now checking out chapter books, and we're reading one or two chapters each night. My baby is growing up!

(And yes, he's totally stylin' in his orange socks and soccer sandals!) :-)

Carter and I like to watch Dancing with the Stars together. Can't you tell he loves it from his enthusiastic face?

One issue with letting your five year old watch DWTS with you - "Mommy what does sexy mean?"

Courtney is such a big helper at the grocery store! She wanted to push the big cart, even though she could barely reach it.

Carter and I got to have a morning together, just the two of us! We went to the garden center and bought a couple veggies to plant...

Looked at some books at Barnes & Noble...

And had lunch at Kerbey Lane, where Carter ate nearly ALL of these pancakes!! Wow.

Visiting Petsmart can be dangerous... we came close to adopting this sweet kitty! Wonder what Daddy would have thought of that...

We had a fun time last week visiting a new-to-us bouncy place!

One relatively mess-free thing to do at home is coloring - here they were making cards! Sigh. My babies, making mama proud!

One afternoon I found Courtney reading books in her room. Sitting in the bin that normally holds her dress-up clothes. Silly girl!

And finally - more warming up after a dip in the pool. :-)

Until next time,


  1. I saw "pool" and "April" in the same sentence. Hmmm. The pools open here Memorial Day weekend. You will miss that when you leave TX. :(

  2. Hi Libby! First of all as a wife of a Remax agent i have to say I love seeing that sign in front of your house! :> Second of all so jealous of you and outdoor swimming in April! We have to wait till mid June for that here! :> Looks like a great week and your son is doing so well with reading!

  3. What a fun couple of weeks you've had! Great photos, Libby!

  4. Wonderful photos Libby!! Holy cow, those pancakes! Amazing! And how can you have a week without B & N! We love that place too, hope you get a buyer soon and the transition will go smoothly!

  5. What a great week, Libby! I absolutely LOVE these posts of yours! I have a feeling we'd be fab friends IRL!

    First of all, I cannot believe that you're swimming in April and outdoors, no less! Gracious! It was 40 degrees here yesterday! What I wouldn't give!

    Secondly, one of our favorite places to visit is the pet store! I swear, those kittens call my name every time. I almost brought one home, last time, too, but I don't know how'd one would get along with our pups.

    And finally, planting veggies, visiting the book store, library books, pancakes, grocery shopping, and card making... Well, it sounds like you're livin' in my shoes, girl! TFS!


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