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Friday, April 11, 2014

Hambo's "Ham & BACON" Blog Hop!

Hello and welcome to the "Ham & BACON" blog hop!! I'm joining the Hambo Stamps team today for this hop. They always come up with the best, funniest themes for their hops! And this one is no exception... "Ham & BACON" is... wait for it... a KEVIN BACON inspired hop!!! LMBO!! We are sharing cards inspired by Kevin Bacon movies!! HOW FUN IS THAT?!? But before I tell you which movie I chose, let me back up a little. You should have arrived here via the talented & fabulous Lisa Cassidy's blog. If you didn't, why don't you head back to the very beginning, at the Hambo Hoedown challenge blog, so you can take in all the Kevin Bacon-inspired goodness? :-)
And here is my card. I played with a few different Hambo stamps for this! Rabbit - 0917 is sitting atop a diecut bicycle. The cute little clouds are Hambo, too. Clouds - 3407 to be exact. And the message is Get This Party Started - 2706. I used my watercolor paints to add color to the bunny & the clouds. And that watercolored starburst pattern - the reason I did that was because I was inspired by the movie poster for the film I chose. Can you guess which Kevin Bacon movie this is?? Going way back to 1986, it's Quicksilver!!

I couldn't actually decide which movie to do. I immediately thought of The Greatest Kevin Bacon Movie of All Time, Footloose, but I was worried everyone would choose that. Then Monica reminded me that he was in a movie about bikes. So of course I had to pick the bike movie. HELLO! (If you don't know me - I like bikes.)

And now I shall ramble on for a moment - feel free to skip this paragraph if you'd like! ;-) It's kind of funny that I couldn't think of a Kevin Bacon movie to do, because he's famous for being in sooooo many movies! Remember the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game?! My brother reminded me about The Oracle of Bacon - a site that uses IMDb to figure out the link from any actor to Kevin Bacon! This site has been around for soooo long but it's still there, generating Bacon numbers. In case you ever have a Bacon emergency and just HAVE TO KNOW! And you know what? I'm not in IMDb, but I *was* an extra in a movie once!! My husband and I sat in a Texas high school football stadium for the better part of a night while they filmed the movie Varsity Blues! James Van Der Beek was there. Jon Voight was there. So yes, I was TOTALLY in a movie with Jon Voight! I plugged him into the Oracle and got a Bacon Number of 2. Jon Voight was in Zoolander with Endre Hules (who??), who was in Apollo 13 with Kevin Bacon!! And I was in a movie with Jon Voight, so MY BACON NUMBER IS 3! I rock. Heh.

Ok enough of that nonsense, you've got some hoppin' to do!!! There's a prize involved!! Hambo is giving away a $15 shopping spree to their digi store to one lucky person who comments on every blog along the hop. There's only 9 of us hopping today, so it's not too much work for you to get entered! And Hambo's digis are adorbs so you totally should. The deadline for comments (for prize consideration - you can leave me a comment ANYTIME just to make me smile!) is Monday, April 14 at 10:00pm EST. The winner will be announced on the Hoedown blog on Wednesday, April 16.

Head on over to Jane Elizabeth France's blog to continue on!

Did you ever see the movie Quicksilver? Did you like it? I actually never did! Or if I did I don't remember because, you know, 1986 was ages ago. Maybe I should check it out sometime. If you remember it, let me know what you think down there in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. A bunny on a bicycle!!
    I LOVE IT!!!

    What a fun card!!

  2. I never saw Quicksilver either, but I just always remembered that he rode a bike in the movie. LOL I love how you cleverly worked some Hambo images into your scene. (I thought of the "Paper Boy" digi image with his messenger bag for you to use, but it was too late. Sorry!) So... I had to try the "Oracle of Bacon" -- and while I was never a movie star like you were ;) ... I once had a conversation with River Phoenix, so I used him as my connection. I ended up 3 degrees from Kevin. Sweet! Thanks so much for being such a fun part of this hop Libby!!

  3. I LOVED Quicksilver - I thought about doing that one but was as out of the box as you and passed because there was a Hambo image on a bike. Maybe Ti will work on that? Love the fun layout of your precious card. You ever fail to inspire! Thanks for joining the hop with us!

    P.S. Awesome fun fact with your Bacon Number! And it is a pretty impressive number!

  4. WOW!!! get you Libby..... moviestar!!!! you definitely rock in my book!! maybe one day we will be doing a Libby Hickson blog hop!! lol. totally lovin your watercolor take on the background and how cauuuuute .... a bunny on a bike!! loved reading all your info and love your take on the movie!!! brilliant. :)

  5. Love the card, the bunny is so cute. Great job on that movie. Thanks for the Oracle of Bacon Link...I love reading about everyone's BACON number...I guess I'm gonna have to check that out!!

    Lisa C

  6. Cute card, with a fun take on the movie poster! I enjoyed reading about your connection to Kevin Bacon!

  7. Saw the the thumbnail of your card on my blogger dashboard, and before I even looked to see who had made it I knew would be yours! Love it Libby, and the humour of the bunny on the bike is classic.

  8. I love that you calculated your Bacon number!! lol Great job with this purple-licous card!! I have no idea how I am connected to Bacon..but Maybe I will have to investigate!

  9. I just love purple and blue together! Awesome card! Can you believe I never saw this movie?

    Peace & Luv,

  10. HAHAHA! A bunny on a bike. This was a major topic at last weekend's crafty retreat. Seriously. I love yours!!!

    Oh, wait, it was a cat on a bike. Whatever, it's furry.

  11. Great card, Libby, and I loved reading about your connection to Kevin Bacon. It's neat how you incorporated the starburst pattern into it! The bunny on the bike gave me a chuckle...great job on the clouds and very clever "road". I totally appreciated the details!

  12. Cute card and fun post! I remember that movie just barely-I remember he would ride hard behind a semi and the truck driver would stick out his fingers to let him know how fast he was going!
    Thanks for the inspiration and the memories!

  13. Great card.....loved your degrees of bacon story. I, too, have been and extra...I need to see what degree I am....LOL I vaguely remember the movie.

  14. I love how you included so many of the elements of the poster in the card...very clever. I enjoyed your degrees of Bacon story too. I haven't seen this movie but maybe I'll check it out.


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