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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

By the way...

I meant to mention in my last post but forgot...! (it's been one of those weeks...) If you haven't checked out this week's SCS challenges, you should!! All three so far have been great, and I want to get to them EVENTUALLY this week! Monday's Try a New Technique was crayon resist! I went through a big crayon resist phase a while ago, I *love* that technique! As a matter of fact, I was loving it so much that my sister got me a special-ordered box of 64 WHITE crayolas!!! So hmm, I still have a lot of crayons. Perhaps I need to revisit this technique at future workshops. :-) Yesterday's Color Challenge was awesome - Cetainly Celery, Vintage Violet & Old Olive! I'm a purple & green kinda girl, so I am completely drooling over all the submissions in the gallery! And finally, today's Sketch Challenge is really fun too - it has a small panel on the middle of the card. I really want to try all three of these challenges, I love them all!!! No stamping will happen tonight though, I'm going for a HAIRCUT!!!! YES!!! It's been a year, which is just plain embarrassing. I cannot wait! But hopefully tomorrow night I will stamp... my shows are over for the summer (Survivor, Grey's Anatomy) so no need to veg in front of the tv when I can be stamping!! Unless of course my throat feels even worse and all I feel like doing is vegging... we'll see... :-) Happy Stampin'!


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